First Year Intervention

The transition to the academic rigors of Miami often means the first semester of college is the most difficult for students. As a result, some first year students find themselves on Academic Warning at the end of Fall semester. The Rinella Learning Center and the Academic Advising community at Miami have developed the First Year Academic Warning Intervention to help students return to the academic classification of Good Standing at the end of Spring semester.

The goals of the intervention are for students to:

  • Make informed decisions regarding their Spring semester schedules, time management and student strategies
  • Utilize campus support services such as their First Year Advisers and the Rinella Learning Center
  • Set appropriate goals for the semester
  • Return to Good Standing at the end of Spring semester

First Year students who earn a Fall semester grade point average below 2.0 are placed on Academic Warning. Over Winter Break these students receive a letter from the Dean of Students outlining the First Year Academic Warning Intervention process.

A Registration Hold is placed on the records of students on Academic Warning. This hold prevents students from changing their course schedules or registering for courses. In order to have the hold removed students must complete the following process:

  • Schedule a meeting with their Divisional Adviser during the first week of Spring semester.
  • Meet with the Divisional Adviser and complete the Academic Progress Contract.
  • Schedule a meeting with a Rinella Learning Center Learning Specialist.
  • Meet with the Learning Specialist by February 13.
  • After students complete the two required meetings, the Registration Hold will be removed from students’ accounts.

In addition, students are expected to prepare for their meetings with the Divisional Advisor and Learning Specialist. Students must follow the steps below in order to be properly prepared for the meetings. 

Before Meeting with your Divisional Adviser

  1. Understand Academic Warning
  2. Establish realistic goals for Spring Semester
    • Set realistic goals for grades in your Spring courses
    • Use the “Current GPA Calculator” to calculate your Fall GPA
    • Use the “GPA Forecaster” to determine the Spring GPA required to achieve your desired cumulative GPA for your first year
    • Print a copy of the results. Be prepared to discuss with your First Year Adviser why you set the goals you did, and what you think will be involved in meeting those goals.
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  3. Familiarize Yourself with Available Resources
    • Examine the resources available under Achieving Academic Success at Miami and Where to Find Help. Be prepared to discuss the resources you think will be helpful to you, and how you intend to investigate them.