Returning from Academic Suspension or Dismissal

After completing two semesters of suspension, or two years of academic dismissal, students are eligible to re-enroll at Miami University. To do so, each returning from suspension student must complete the following process.

Procedures for Re-admission

  • Complete an Application for Re-admission
    • Applications for re-admission to the Oxford campus are available from the One Stop. Regional campus students must contact their campus' Records Office.
    • Submit your form at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term in which you intend to re-enroll. You will be informed of your eligibility to register after you complete this step.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor:
    • To register for classes, you must meet with an academic advisor from the division of your major. The appointments may take place by telephone or in person. Regional campus students must meet with academic advising in person. Office contact information is listed below.
    • For students returning from dismissal, it is possible that your academic major has changed or been canceled since your last semester of enrollment. Should this be the case, consult with your academic department for further instructions.
  • Meet with a Learning Specialist:
    • To register for classes you must first schedule an appointment with a learning specialist in the Rinella Learning Center. The appointments may take place by telephone or in person.

Upon verification that you have met these requirements, advising holds will be released from your record allowing you to register for classes.

Fresh Start Policy

The Fresh Start Policy is designed to help students return to good academic standing after an absence of at least two calendar years. Students who have been academically suspended or dismissed are eligible for Fresh Start status. Other students who have left the university without being suspended or dismissed but who believe their past academic record suffered due to extenuating circumstances may petition their Divisional Committee of Advisers after a two-year absence. Credit earned from other institutions during the two-year period will not be accepted for transfer credit.

For more information about Fresh Start Policy, see The Student Handbook or contact the Office of the Registrar at 513-529-8703.

Contact Information

Oxford Campus

  • Rinella Learning Center - 306 Shriver Center - 513-529-8741
  • Arts and Science - 146 Upham - 513-529-3031
  • Engineering and Applied Science - 106 Benton Hall- 513-529-0700
  • Business - 1022 Farmer School of Business- 513-529-1712
  • Fine Arts - 104 Center for Performing Arts- 513-529-6010
  • Education and Allied Professions - 207 McGuffey - 513-529-6317
  • Interdisciplinary Studies- 113 Peabody - 513-529-2233

Hamilton Campus

Academic Advising - 513-785-3129

Middletown Campus

Student Services - 513-727-3440