Rinella Services for Current Students

Rinella Learning Center offers a number of support programs for current students. Through our programs and services, we can provide academic support in some form to every student on Miami University's Oxford campus. Below are a number of questions that students often ask about the Rinella Learning Center.

What programs does Rinella Learning Center offer?

Rinella Learning Center offers all current Oxford Campus students the following services:

Certain student populations are offered additional support through our offices. In addition to Academic Support and the Tutoring Program, the Rinella Learning Center is responsible for providing services for students with accommodations registered through the Student Disability Services  office. 

What should I do if I think I have a Learning Disability or ADHD?

If you have concerns that you may have a Learning Disability or ADHD, we recommend making an appointment with a Learning Specialist in the Rinella Learning Center. They can help you determine if  referral to Student Disability Services or other services on campus would be appropriate, in addition to helping you with academic skills development. 

What is the Scholastic Enhancement Program?

The Scholastic Enhancement Program is a conditional admission program for some students at Miami University. Additional support services such as academic advising are available to students admitted to the Scholastic Enhancement Program. Students who are already enrolled at Miami are not eligible for these services if they were not admitted through the program, though similar levels of support are available for you through the Academic Support programs.