Components of SEP

Students who are admitted to Miami through the Scholastic Enhancement Program are allowed to take advantage of all of the resources and classes that Miami has to offer. In addition, SEP students are granted access to additional resources to help ensure their success at Miami, including the following:

  • Academic Advising - The SEP Coordinators work with a strong academic advising network to lend assistance in course planning, registration, and career counseling. The SEP Coordinators serve as the primary advisors for all first-year SEP students. All first-year SEP students are required to meet with a member of the SEP staff to review progress and plan courses before registering for classes. Advising reports are kept on file to ensure proper course planning.
  • Midterm Academic Evaluations - A detailed academic progress evaluation is distributed to all SEP students' professors/instructors midway through each semester. This evaluation allows the coordinators and students to monitor their academic progress.
  • Tutorial Assistance - Tutors are available, free of charge, to all SEP students. Tutors may be obtained for most courses in groups or on a one-on-one basis. Students are encouraged to make use of this outstanding support service.
  • Undergraduate Research Option (URO) A Living Learning Community - We offer a unique opportunity for SEP students to live in a common first-year residence hall. The focus of this learning community is to provide first year students with an opportunity to work on a research project with a faculty mentor. Registration for URO is optional. More information about this and other living learning communities is included in the university housing option materials.
  • EDL 110: The University and the Student - This required one-credit hour graded course is designed to assist SEP students in making the transition from high school to college. First year SEP students are introduced to the various services on campus. This class is taught by the SEP staff and features guest speakers.