What are the requirements for participation in the program? - Based on a student's admission status to the University, participation in the Scholastic Enhancement Program is mandatory. Students will be required to work with the Scholastic Enhancement Program for a minimum of two years. Program coordinators will assist in the development of an educational plan that will provide them with the opportunity for successful academic achievement at Miami. Requirements may include: regularly scheduled meetings with program coordinators, attending all scheduled activities, following a balanced course load, accepting a schedule of courses, consulting with the SEP office prior to making course or program changes, utilizing tutoring in selected courses, participating in other specific academic support programs based on an assessment of skills and/or needs, and maintaining consistent class attendance as well as satisfactory academic performance.

What will happen (to me) if I do not adhere to the program guidelines once I am enrolled? If you disregard the requirements of the Scholastic Enhancement Program, you will be violating the terms of your admission to the university. As a result, evaluations will be made to determine whether the Scholastic Enhancement office will place a registration hold on your record. This will prevent you from registering for future Miami courses. this measure is to ensure your commitment to and success in the program.

What will I be required to do? Since the basis of the program is to develop an educational plan that meets your individual needs, it is difficult to be specific. In general, however, you will be required to do the following:

  • Accept the offer of admission by confirming your intent to enroll.
  • Attend the Summer Orientation Program.
  • Complete the SEP assessment instruments in reading, writing and learning skills.
  • Meet with the SEP coordinators during Summer Orientation to review your assessment results and determine your educational plan.
  • Enroll in EDL 110. The University and the Student, a one credit hour orientation course to the University and its resources.
  • Agree that information regarding your progress may be shared with your parents/guardians.
  • Agree to meet with the SEP coordinators at least three times each semester to review progress.
  • Agree to attend all classes regularly and notify the SEP office prior to making any changes to your course schedule.
  • Adhere to the SEP guidelines, which may include a specific schedule of courses, a limited course load, tutoring, meetings, activities, etc.