Information for Faculty

What is my role as a faculty sponsor?

  • Engage the student in your research activities while getting assistance with your research.
  • Sign student contract.
  • Assist with student training, provide background readings/info.
  • Meet with students regularly-at least bi-weekly.
  • Monitor work hours; sign timesheets.
  • Evaluate student on her research performance at the end of each semester.
  • Provide student research with a mid-term progress report.

What kind of research assistance to student participants can I expect URO to provide?

URO staff will provide training through bi-weekly workshops covering topics...time management, computer skills, and basic research techniques and methodology. The library has committed to supporting students in this community; students will also receive one to one monitoring and guidance.
Travel funds to send students to present research at professional meetings, visit archives or other research sites.

Who are the URO staff and how can they help me?

The URO staff are the SEP Coordinators, Symmes Residence Hall Director and the Assoc. Dean of Students. Together they will serve as principal contacts for these students. As part of SEP, URO students will follow all SEP guidelines.

You should contact one of these individuals for any of the following reasons:

  • Can't contact your student
  • Student not showing up on a regular basis
  • Student's performance not meeting expectations
  • Having communication problems, attitude problems, etc.
  • Serious concerns that involve confidentiality, or concerns about the program contact the Associate Dean.

Does URO provide funds to faculty/to students?

Faculty sponsors will be awarded $300 to support research expenses like materials, supplies, small equipment, copying, etc. Faculty are also eligible to apply for funds from OARS.