Undergraduate Research Option Goals

  • To provide early contact with faculty, staff, and successful upper class students to build academic and social mentoring relationships that will serve as personal and academic support for first year students as they transition to Miami University
  • To Provide for efficient and effective coordination of workshops that will increase students' knowledge of research.
  • To engage first year students in faculty research early in their academic careers within a postsecondary setting (or higher education).
  • To initiate and facilitate successful research partnerships mutually beneficial to students and faculty
  • To enable students to become involved in research opportunities early, in order to increase their participation in other research activities at the University in the future.
  • To foster development of a community of student researchers within the Scholastic Enhancement Program by providing educational enrichment opportunities and ways for students to interact, network, socialize, and collaborate together
  • To improve the retention and persistence rates of students within the Scholastic Enhancement Program at Miami University.
  • To provide leadership opportunities for first year students.