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Tutorial Assistance Program

Tutoring is useful for students who need help clarifying course content and asking specific questions about the material in their classes. Tutors are trained to help students understand the fundamental concepts in their courses, although the student is expected to put forth the effort to learn the material on their own by attending lectures and studying regularly. Tutoring also offers students the ability to practice and integrate the content from their courses to help prepare fo exams. For many students, the process of engaging with a tutor is also helpful, as it allows the student to test their mastery by explaining the concepts of their class to the tutor. 

In addition to helping overcome academic difficulty, tutoring also helps students fight procrastination. By establishing a set time each week to work with a tutor, students are encouraged to study and prepare for their session each week. This can help remind students to study each week and maintain a mastery of the course material throughout the semester. 

Learn more about tutoring policies and procedures by viewing the links to the left. Students who are interested in finding or becoming a tutor can find instructions there as well.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 513-529-8741 or via email at tutoring@MiamiOH.edu