Deaf / HOH

Approximately thirteen million people in America use sign language to communicate. Whether we are hearing, Deaf, or Hard of Hearing, we all have the desire to lead fulfilling lives and achieve our educational and career goals.

If an individual has had the ability to hear all of his/her life, this ability may be taken for granted. Nothing seems strange, or unusual about that person's experience of hearing.  Similarly, if an individual has had a hearing loss all of his/her life, nothing seems strange or unusual about that experience either. Persons who are Deaf/HOH do not view the hearing loss itself as a problem, or something to be fixed.  Some day-to-day experiences, challenges, and needs of people who are Deaf/HOH may be different from those who can hear, but when accommodations are provided, those who are Deaf/HOH can do anything their talent, determination, goals, and motivation leads them to do. 

After all, it is all about providing equal opportunities for all individuals. 

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