Note Taking

Each student is responsible for material covered in his or her classes. Several approaches to note-taking may be utilized.

"No-Carbon Required" (NCR) paper is available at no charge through SDS. This paper is ideal to give to classmates assisting with notes as it enables them to take their own notes and then separate the two sheets of paper giving them two copies.

Some students choose to tape record lectures and tape recorders may be borrowed through SDS.

If dexterity or motor skills are an issue and typing is easier or faster, students may use their laptop computer to take notes if necessary.

With advance notification, students may use the copier in SDS to copy a classmate's notes.

And, lastly, many professors develop their own course notes and have been known to post these notes on "E-Bulletin Boards." Students may want to check with their individual professors and see if this is the case in a given class.

If the aforementioned options aren't effective, please consult with SDS staff and other arrangements can be made.