Student Disability Services provides alternative media production, as well as hardware & software technologies, for students who need such services. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, voice-recognition software, large monitors, screen readers, text readers and procedures to access and convert print materials, etc.

Adaptive technologies for students with disabilities have become an essential component of post-secondary education. Miami provides a variety of hardware & software, including JAWS, ZOOMTEXT Magnifier/Reader, and Kurzweil 3000 at the King Library Adaptive Technology lab. 

Route Taking

SDS works with outside agencies to provide route training for students who are Blind, visually impaired, or who might need this service as an accommodation.  Route training helps the individual get acclimated to Miami University's campus, including his/her residence hall and class locations, which helps to foster independence in navigating campus.  
Individuals are encouraged to contact SDS directly for more information about this service and other possible technologies.

For more information about adaptive technology options at Miami, contact Student Disability Services at (513) 529-1541.