Our Philosophy

Our Student Organization advising philosophy is based on the human development process and encourages student involvement and participation in purposeful group activities, or learning by doing. Students are encouraged to develop broadly based intellectual skills, life values from a global perspective, and a passion for life long learning. The advisor participates not as an expert, but as a collaborator in the learning process encouraging students to face challenging situations while creating avenues to reflect and act.

The following processes will foster development in students:

  • Creating value-centered organizations and programs.
  • Collaborating with other organizations and departments.
  • Reflecting on the values of the collaborative process.
  • Training and improving group dynamics.
  • Examining life purposes and educational objectives.
  • Learning about individual and group relationships and how to respond to them.
  • Promoting a critical thinking process.
  • Reflecting to gain new insights from mistakes, successes, and processes used.
  • Ecouraging respect for and integration of opposing points of view.
  • Applying what has been learned in a practical context.