Event Insurance

Standard Procedures

Effective Date: 8-24-15
  1. Student organization will register the upcoming event through the Hub. 
  2. On the Event Form Risk Assessment page, the student organization will choose the general type of event being held from the dropdown:
    1. Aerobics
    2. Banquets
    3. Basketball
    4. Concerts
    5. Conferences/Meetings
    6. Dances
    7. Dodgeball
    8. Education Events (no general public)
    9. Fundraiser (on campus)
    10. Handball
    11. Harvest Festivals
    12. Picnics (no pool or lake exposure)
    13. Proms
    14. Speaking Engagements
    15. Track and Field (includes 5 K’s but no Triathlon or Ironman events)
    16. Other
  3. The student organization will then choose from the list of activities to indicate the types of activities to be held during the event. This information will be used to assess risk beyond the level covered by the Student Event Umbrella policy. The following items are excluded from coverage:
    1. Boating
    2. Bungee Jumping
    3. Cheerleading pyramids over 2-1/2 persons high and cheerleading activities using trampolines and springboards
    4. Freestyle Skiing
    5. Hang Gliding
    6. Hot Air Balloon Rides
    7. Inflatables
    8. Licensed Daycare/Preschool Operations
    9. Luge
    10. Mechanical Bulls
    11. Mechanical Rides
    12. Motorsports
    13. Open Water Activities
    14. Overnight Clinic/Camps
    15. Paint Ball
    16. Parachuting
    17. Parades-Riding on Floats or Motorized Devices
    18. Parasailing
    19. Pep Rallies
    20. Petting Zoos
    21. Race Track Risks
    22. Racing or Speed Contests involving Autos, Aircraft or Watercraft
    23. Repetitive Type Injuries to Horses/Ponies (listed as Horses/Ponies)
    24. Rodeo
    25. Saddle Animals and Saddle Animal Rides
    26. Skateboarding
    27. Ski Jumping
    28. Snowmobiling
    29. Tobogganing
    30. Trampolines over 46” in diameter
    31. Tug of WarVelcro Jumps
  4. Once the form is complete and submitted, the Student Activities Administrative Assistant will review the event. Any activities chosen in Step 3 will prompt the Student Activities Administrative Assistant to notify the Assistant Director for Student Organizations. Contact will then be made by the Assistant Director via the Hub to alert the student organization that additional insurance is required for the event. 
    • For items on the above excluded coverage list, a certificate of insurance naming Miami University as an additional insured, will be required. This certificate must carry limits equal to or greater than $1,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate. 
    • Any amount under these limits must be approved by the Vice President for Finances’ office.
  5. The student organization will be advised to forward the required certificates of insurance to Student Activities. 
    • Student Activities will review the certificate of insurance to ensure compliance with the required limits and verify that Miami University is added as an additional insured.
    • Student Activities will forward the certificate of insurance to the Vice President for Finance and Business Services’ office.
    • If there is not a certificate of insurance available that meets the required limits, Student Activities will advise the student organization to contact the Vice President for Finance and Business Services’ office to purchase additional liability insurance.
    • There must be 3 weeks advance notice and a credit card for payment for additional liability insurance to be obtained. 
    • General Accounting can be contacted for one-time use credit cards to be requested to purchase the additional liability insurance.
  6. The Vice President for Finance and Business Services’ office will work with Student Activities and/or the student organization and the Program Administrator to attempt to secure insurance for the student organization. For more information about securing insurance, please e-mail the Vice President for Finance and Business Service Office
  7. If unsuccessful, or the student organization chooses not to pay the premium associated with the insurance, Miami University will not permit the event to take place and the student organization will work with Student Activities to cancel the event.
  8. Monthly, the Student Activities department will forward a report to the Vice President for Finance and Business Services’ office detailing the following information:
    1. Event Name
    2. Student Organization Name
    3. Date of Event
    4. Projected Attendance
    5. Type of Event
    6. The Vice President for Finance and Business Services’ office will utilize these reports to obtain renewal of the Sports General Liability Umbrella policy.