Event Insurance

Many student organization events are not covered by the university's insurance policy. Therefore, the officers of student organization may be open to liability should an accident occur. Event requests submitted through the Hub will determine if an event needs insurance or not. The person submitting the event request will receive an e-mail if insurance is required. Insurance cost for a 5K event is approximatley $700.

Additionally, some off-campus vendors, venues and schools may require proof of insurance to receive their services. Most student organizations are not eligible to request proof of insurance directly from Miami University.

Insurance for special events is purchased through CampusConnexions. Proof of insurance can be uploaded on the Hub or e-mailed to JS Bragg, Assistant Director for the Office of Student Activities: braggjs@MiamiOH.edu. If proof of insurance is not received, the event will be cancelled by the Office of Student Activities.

  • NOTE:If your organization is affiliated with a national organization that is willing to extend its insurance for the event, Miami University can be named as additional insured that will meet the insurance requirement. A certificate of insurance naming Miami University as additionally insured must be uploaded onto the Hub or e-mailed to JS Bragg.

The scoring list below determines if a student organization's event requires insurance or not. On-campus events with 15 or more points must have insurance. Although not addressed in the scoring list, events that hold unique risks (determined by the reserved facility or the Office of Student Activities) may require event insurance. Requests for insurance exceptions are rarely granted. To inquire about an exception, contact JS Bragg, Assistant Direcotor for the Office of Student Activities.

Event Insurance Scoring List

To score your event, add up the points for each attribute of your event, the points are in parentheses "( )" after each item.

Alcohol is served (30 points)

Minors (non-Miami students) are intended audience/expected to attend (30)

Event involved physical activity amusements (inflatables, dunk tank, etc.) (20)

Athletic or physical activity with liability waivers signed by all participants (15)

Past history of violence, student conduct cases or police/emergency services involvement in resolving incidents within the last year or when similar organizational event was last held (10)

Maximum attendance estimated to be over 300 or in a space with the capacity of/setup for over 300 (8)

Indoor venues with capacity of over 300 are: Armstrong Student Center, Millett, Hall Auditorium, Shriver Multipurpose Room, Shriver Heritage Room, Laws 100, FSB 1000, and Benton 102

Performance or speaker contract greater than $10,000 (10)

Unseated event (8)

Combined seated and unseated event (4)

Event occurs or continues after 8 p.m. (6)

Additional 4 points if the event extends beyond midnight (+4)

Additional 2 points if the event is held on a Friday or Saturday evening (+2)

Event is an outdoor activity with restricted access (4)

Additional 2 points for outdoor activity with unrestricted access (+2)

Advertised to the general public (6)

Advertised as and/or open to Miami University students, faculty and staff only (0)

Invitation only (0)

Events with 15 or more total points WILL require insurance.


A seated event advertised to the general public (6) in a space for 150 people with a scheduled start of 6 PM on Friday night (2) and is scheduled to end at 10:00 PM (6). The event is fully seated (0 points) and has a speaker with a contract for $2,000 (0 points). Total points: 10

An event in Hall Auditorium (8 points) with a nationally known speaker at a contract value of $15,000 (10 points) only open to Miami students, faculty, and staff (0 points). Total Points: 18