Event Locations

Reserving On-Campus and Off-Campus Space

Miami University and the City of Oxford offer a range of locations for various events sponsored by student organizations. Both on-campus and off-campus events must be submitted and processed through the Hub for final approval. A student organization officer, whose position has access to event forms, can initiate the event request. The Hub also allows student organizations to upload flyers which allows advertising on the Hub's bulletin board. Additionally, some events may require student organization insurance and can be purchased through Marsh Campus Connexions.   

On-Campus Event Locations

All on-campus events must be submitted and approved through the Hub. Most locations for on-campus events and various marketing requests are reserved through a link on the Hub. Whereas, a few locations may require a tentative reservation prior to submitting the on-line event request. 

Off-Campus Event Locations

All off-campus events require approval from the City of Oxford prior to submitting the event request through the Hub. Off-campus events are coordinated through the Oxford Visitors & Convention Bureau. Student organizations must stop by the Office of Student Activities (2025 Armstrong Student Center) and pickup an off-campus event planning packet (signed by a Student Activities staff) prior to meeting with the city's representative. Off-campus events also need to be submitted on the Hub; this enables the event to be posted on the Hub's calendar for additional advertising of the event. View more information about City of Oxford Permits