Funding an Event

Lannigan New Initiative Grant

Provides seed money and supplemental funds to student organizations for programs, projects and activities. Student organizations have financial needs that can’t always be met by traditional funding purposes. The Lannigan fund plays a vital role in defraying and/or covering these costs. 

  • $500 Max will be awarded to student organization
  • $250 Is typical support level  

Diversity Initiative Grant 

The purpose of the Student Activities & Leadership Diversity Fund is to help sponsor programs that will bring an increased awareness of diversity issues to the Miami University Community.  Requests for these funds should reflect how the funds will directly contribute to helping Miami embrace individuals of diverse backgrounds including but not limited to gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. as well as how the sponsored program will raise awareness to the students about the issues.  Requests can be for student organizations or individuals.  Money will only be awarded to programming that is open to all Miami Students.     

  • Organizations in good standing with DAC will get priority but are not guaranteed 
  • There is a separate application for individual and group grant requests
  • Of total money granted only half of the total may be spent on food and food must be educational  
  • Grant proposal must include a proposed budget and marketing materials for the event 
  • $1500 Max - $700 Average    

Any requests over the amount of $1500 require a presentation to the Student Activities Staff for  consideration of a Grant that would exceed the $1500 Max.    

Application Process

Application submitted at least 4 weeks prior to event.  Online application will request the following information:  

  • Confirmation/Copy of Contract 
  • Event registered and posted on HUB confirmation 
  • Short description of the event and how it meets the above requirements for funding
  • Short description of how your event is educational in nature 
  • Detailed event budget (complete with food and event breakdown)
  • Detailed marketing/PR Plan for event
  • Additional anticipated and secured sponsors and the amount secured/requested from each
  • Account money should be transferred to if approved  

For questions about this application process or funding requirements please e-mail: 

Review Process

Each request will be reviewed during the Office of Student Activities staff meeting on the Monday following receipt of the request, notification of status of the request will occur by Wednesday of the same week. 

Funding Guidelines

  • Individual attendance at conferences specific to a single student organization are not funded by either option
  • Student organizations receiving funding must submit an assessment of their program within 2 weeks of the event on the Hub. 
  • Student organizations receiving funds from the Lannigan or Ford funds will be required to submit a thank you note to the Lannigan or Ford family for their support.  
  • Student Activities and Leadership and, if applicable, the Lannigan or Ford fund must be recognized as co-sponsors on any promotions related to the event.
  • The same organization cannot receive more than $1500 in one year from either of the two funds 
  • Marketing and branding from Student Activities must be used at all events that are funded by one of these two accounts.
  • Organizations receiving funding must be in good financial standing and have proven financial stability.