Off-Campus Events

An off-campus event typically requires a public park permit and/or public right-of-way permit. Types of off-campus events inculde parades or 5K Runs within the city limits and locations may include the uptown park or community parks, city sidewalks, and signs in tree lawn areas. Below are steps to assist groups as they plan an off-campus event.   

City of Oxford Event Application 

  • Pick up the City of Oxford event application from the Office of Student Activities (2026 Armstrong Student Center).
    • Application requires a signature from a Student Activities staff person.
    • Student organization must be registered in the Hub and in good standing with Miami University.
  • Fill-in application completely and schedule an appoint with Oxford Visitors and Convention Bureau.
    • Must include contact information: primary contact name, e-mail address, current phone number, and local mailing address.

Schedule Appointment with Oxford Visitors and Convention Bureau (OVCB)

  • Contact John Buchholz, Business Liaison Officer to schedule an appointment (15-20 minutes).
  • Review off-campus event process and assist in filling in the city application.
  • Buchholz will involve Miami University departments affilated with an off-campus event.
    • i.e. 5K events which begin and/or end at Millett Hall.
  • Buchholz will submit the application to the City for their approval.
  • A City staff member will notify the applicant and OVCB by mail if event/location is approved or denied.
  • The City of Oxford will return full copy of application as “approved” or “denied” to OVCB (Buchholz).
  • Approved application will indicate fees to be charged, if additional police services will be needed, etc.
    • Payment for expenses are submitted by treasurer through Miami BuyWay.
    • If polices services are needed, schedule an appointment with the Oxford Police Department 30 days before the event date.
    • Note:  If a contract is required by the artist or vendor, schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Activities for contract review. 
  • OVCB will e-mail approved application to the Office of Student Activities.
  • Student organization must have “Approved Form/Permits” available throughout the event.

Hub Off-Campus Event Registration 

  • Register the off-campus event on the Hub for review and approval by the Office of Student Activities.
    • A flyer can be uploaded for advertisement on the Hub's bulletin board.
    • Approved student organization events are listed on the Hub’s event calendar.

NOTE:  Once approved, off-campus events will be posted on the Oxford Community Calendar.