EDL 290: The Nature of Group Leadership

EDL 290: The Nature of Group Leadership is a two-credit course for students interested in exploring multiple approaches to leadership and building capacity for socially responsible leadership. The course involves engaged learning through community action work, skill building, reading, writing, analysis, and dialogue.

Different sections are offered for EDL 290 with different specific focuses.  

  • EDL 290O - Open sections offered in the spring for any student interested in learning more about group leadership. 
  • EDL 290E - Required for every member of the Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community in the fall semester. 
  • EDL 290S - Section exclusively for members of student organizations offered in the spring. Contact JS Bragg for more information. 
  • EDL 290G - Section exclusively for members of fraternities & sororities offered each semester. Contact Colleen Blevins for more information.
  • EDL 290T - Tabletop Games & Leadership - Sections for studying leadership through the context of board, card and role playing games.
  • EDL 290F - Orientation and Leadership - Sections are exclusive to the SOULs.
  • EDL 290W - Section for members of the Wilks Leadership Program.
  • EDL 290M - Section for students on the Middletown campus. 
  • EDL 290R - Section for Recreational Sports

Student Learning Objectives

  • Examine and compare multiple approaches to leadership with a focus on leadership for social responsibility and group organization
  • Understand personal leadership capacities, as well as recognize and critique individual effectiveness in leadership, through readings, exercises, and case analysis work
  • Explore the ethical concepts and strategies for socially responsible leadership work
  • Learn about community leadership through a community action project designed to link student initiative with community problems or needs
  • Build skills relevant to leadership work, including self-assessment, dialogue and listening, critical thinking, team- and coalition-building

Faculty/Staff/GAs, if you are interested in teaching this course please e-mail JS Bragg.