SEAL Ambassadors

The Office of Student Activities has several peer mentors available to help students find their place at Miami and to help student organizations make the Miami undergraduate experience the best in the nation. For additional information about the SEAL Ambassadors or other services available to student organizations, contact or 513-529-2266.

SEAL Ambassadors Services 

Find Your Place

Ambassadors will help students who are looking for their way to get involved find their place on Miami's campus. Mentors will discuss interests, major, high school involvement, and more with students to help them find the right type of involvement for them. They will also show students how to maximize their use of The Hub and the interest matching features to find organizations and events that may interest them. 

New Student Organizations

Anyone wishing to start a new student organization is required to meet with our Ambassadors to make sure they are prepared to create a sustainable organization. They will discuss the requirements for starting a new organization, plans to make the organization sustainable, and more. Anyone wishing to start a new student organization should contact the Ambassadors, as they can help you get started. 

Student Organization Assistance

Student organizations do a lot on Miami's campus. Our SEAL Ambassadors are here to help! Whether you need help filling out forms on the Hub, reserving rooms, getting ideas for marketing your event, or anything else, the SEAL Ambassadors are here to help your organization! 

Involvement Presentations

Our Ambassadors can be requested to give presentations on involvement to classes, residence halls, student organizations, etc. They will discuss how people can get involved on campus and the benefits of doing so such as resume building and networking. 

SEAL Ambassador Job Description