Start a New a Student Organization

Before considering registering a new organization, please browse through the Hub to see if an organization already exists that serves the same mission as your proposed organization.  Using the keyword search may help you identify existing organizations. All "new" student organization requests are processed through the Hub. During the approval process, a member of new student organizations will need to meet with a peer mentor from the Office of Student Activities and attend one of the workshops coordinated by the Office of Student Activities prior to final approval. Once approved, new student organizations will receive recognition from the Associated Student Government and access to university's services.

Requirements for Recognition as a New Student Organization

  1. An on-campus adviser (faculty, staff, or graduate student)

  2. At least ten current student members (use the back arrow to go back to the "organization roster" page and enter at least 8 members in addition to the president and treasurer)

  3. A president and a treasurer

  4. A constitution that must contain:

  • the official name of the student organization

  • the date on the first page of the student organization’s constitution a description of purpose/mission of the group

  • the titles, requirements, and functions of officers

  • the procedures for electing officers

  • the meeting and attendance requirements (if there are no attendance requirements, this must be stated)

  • the basis and procedures for expulsion of officers and members must be specified

  • the financial obligations of members must be specified (if there are no financial requirements, this must be stated)

  • the source of income/funding must be stated

NOTE: Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.  Contact the Office of Student Activities if you have any questions (; 513-529-2266).