A Tibetan monk creating a mandala out of colored sand
Two students sharing a cookie decorated with the Star of David
Miami student drumming in a park
Miami students singing in a gospel choir
Women doing yoga with hands pressed together
A Miami student wearing an elegant hijab
Students standing contemplatively on a riverbank
Students gathered in the dark around a cross and votive candles

Religious, Spiritual, and Secular Initiatives

When you become part of Miami--whether as student, staff, or faculty--you become part of a community that

  • is committed to principles of inclusion, mutual respect, and positive engagement with diversity.
  • helps students gain the intercultural competence they need to live and work in a globalized world.
  • provides students with opportunities to engage and serve in communities surrounding Miami.

In our diverse world, people look to many different religious, spiritual, or secular traditions to find meaning and purpose in their lives. These meaning-making traditions shape people's beliefs, values, and everyday ways of living. Learning to engage and collaborate across differences in people’s religious, spiritual, or secular identities is part of how we cultivate intercultural competence, good citizenship, and an inclusive learning environment where "we bring our unique viewpoints and life experiences together for the benefit of all" (University Statement Asserting Respect for Human Diversity).