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Standing Divisional Committees and Support Units


Alcohol Coordinating Committee

The Alcohol Coordinating Committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff members, oversees the following workgroups that focus on targeted issues:

  • policy and enforcement
  • off-campus interventions and partnerships
  • academic support
  • education and prevention
  • intervention and treatment


The Student Affairs Assessment Committee supports student retention, learning, and success by providing leadership, oversight, and management for departmental and divisional assessment, evaluations, and priorities.

Miami Values Committee

The Miami Values Committee educates Miami students about our institutional values, and explores ways to encourage all students to embrace those shared values.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee coordinates professional development programs, sessions, and opportunities open to all staff in the Division.

Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention/Response Committee

This committee supports the mission of the Program on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services in three areas: advisement and guidance, communication, and assessment.

Support Units

As part of the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, dedicated staff are provided to support the Division in the areas of advancement and unit-level budgeting and technology.


The Director of Development in the Division of Student Affairs works to secure financial support for Divisional initiatives from parents, alumni and friends. The Director is a member of the Advancement Division, with a dotted line reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Budget and Technology

The Director of Budget and Technology manages the divisional budget and budgetary policies. The Director also oversees and coordinates software and hardware equipment for the Division.