Dean of Students Office

We recognize that students come to our campus from many different places, with different backgrounds and different needs. Every effort is made to provide the best and most comprehensive resources possible for students’ intellectual growth and personal development. Some of our responsibilities include:

  • Providing academic and personal support
  • Supporting student safety
  • Advancing student voice
  • Assisting students through crisis or difficult circumstances


Miami’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is a critical staff member in the Dean of Students Office. The coordinator is the first line of support to victims of victims/survivors of sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Students who are accused of violations to Title IX are supported by the Emergency Case Manager for the University.

Additionally, the Dean of Students Office works closely with students who face physical and mental health issues that challenge their ability to excel at Miami.


The Dean of Students Office helps to lead the Division’s Miami Values Committee, a student driven group dedicated to educating the student body on Miami University’s shared institutional values.

The Dean of Students Office also provides leadership to the University efforts to reduce high risk alcohol consumption, relying on evidence-based, environmentally appropriate interventions.

Student with puppyKey Facts & Figures

  • Hold approximately 40 summary suspensions hearings per year
  • Care Team discusses and tracks about 400 students annually and addresses submissions made to the faculty student concern management system (typically between 30 and 40 each year)
  • Process about 250 Dean’s Certifications at the request of outside schools/organization conducting background checks, in addition to more than 400 similar requests internal to Miami
  • Follow up with students over the course of the year when they fail to access their residence hall room for fifteen consecutive days (about 200 / year)
  • Process about 300 Medical Leave of Absences per academic year