Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution

The Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (OESCR) works to promote a safe and secure environment for all students by enhancing personal and social responsibility with an emphasis on integrity and ethical behavior and provide educational opportunities for growth.


By using a developmental approach to hearings, OESCR and our student and faculty partners support students going through the conduct process, both as the accused and those who are affected by the behaviors of others.

  • Undergraduate Student Court Justices (16) who also serve as advocates, advise students on the university discipline procedures.
  • Three-person administrative panel hears cases involving sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.
  • The University Disciplinary Board, composed of faculty and students, adjudicates suspendable violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • The University Appeals Board, comprised of faculty and students, hears appeals of non-academic violations that have resulted in suspension or dismissal.


The Office of Ethics and Conflict Resolution works closely with the campus community to provide educational sessions and information regarding the Code of Student Conduct. The approach to many of these conversations includes setting an expectation and a foundation for students as to what it means to have personal responsibility and encouraging them to reflect on their role in the campus community. This foundation begins during new student orientation with messages to students as well as their family members and continues to be revisited throughout a student’s time at Miami.

Key Facts & Figures

1,790 violations to the Code of Student Conduct in 2014–2015

Most common violations:

  • Alcohol (47%)
  • Violation of University Policies (noise/smoking, etc.) (9%)
  • Damage, Theft or Unauthorized Use of Property (8.6%)
  • Dishonesty (misrepresentation/fake ID) (8%)
  • Other (27%)

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