Student Wellness

Miami University’s Office of Student Wellness promotes the 8 dimensions of wellness (Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, Financial, and Occupational) through programming and partnerships.

The Office of Student Wellness’ programs and activities reach over 16,500 students annually Community

Programs, awareness campaigns, and activities through the Office of Student Wellness strive to set community expectations that promote an environment of care and concern.

The campus-wide Bystander Behavior program, Step Up! teaches students the skills needed to successfully intervene or de-escalate high risk situations. Bystander Behavior programs help students identify and intervene in situations of alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, violence, and academic integrity. These programs promote a sense of community and social responsibility among students.

Additionally, the Office of Student Wellness provides sexual and interpersonal violence programs that educate students about consent, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, domestic and dating violence, and resources on campus and in the community.


Sanctioned education classes are conducted through the Office of Student Wellness when students are in violation of Code of Student Conduct relating to alcohol and drug use. These classes allow students to reflect on their personal choices and their role in the Miami University community.

Peer Education groups such as the HAWKS Peer Health Educators and BACCHUS implement programs, lectures and awareness campaigns across campus and in the Oxford community to support safe, smart and healthy choices.

Key Facts & Figures

  • 520+ students complete sanctioning courses as part of their judicial process offered by the Office of Student Wellness
  • After participation in the Step Up! Bystander Intervention program nearly 75% of Greek new members agreed that it is their responsibility to intervene when they notice a problem situation and over 78% reported they were likely to intervene or help in a problem situation with their peers