Miami ID Holders

Tickets are available to Miami University ID holders (students, faculty/staff) at 8:00 am on the Wednesday prior to the Monday evening lecture, with a limit of two tickets maximum per Miami ID. Miami ID holders may request tickets in person at the Box Office (034 Campus Avenue Building) or by phone at 513-529-3200 for later pickup at the Box Office or at Hall Auditorium on the evening of the event at 6:30 pm.

General Public

Tickets for the general public, if remaining, are available at 8:00 am on the Friday prior to the Monday evening lecture, with a limit of two per request, either in person or by phone as above.

Distribution of Tickets at Hall Auditorium

Phone-ordered tickets and any remaining undistributed tickets will be available at Hall Auditorium beginning at 6:30 pm on the evening of the lecture. Phone-ordered tickets not picked up by 7:15 pm may be redistributed to those waiting for tickets.

7:20 pm Seating Requirement

All Lecture Series tickets-holders must be seated by 7:20 pm or their seat may be redistributed. Individuals without tickets may arrive at 6:30 pm at Hall Auditorium and wait in line for available unfilled seats. At 7:20 pm, Lecture Series staff will begin filling empty seats with individuals waiting in line. This process often allows most waiting persons to take a seat at the beginning of the lecture.