Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is a tiered experience that challenges participants to examine leadership from several perspectives and reflect on their personal leadership beliefs. Each tier is meant to be completed in a semester. Four tiers give four semesters of opportunities for leadership experiences and learning! The tier system allows for flexibility. If a student is abroad for one semester or is extra busy, then the Leadership Certificate Program can be put on hold until the student has more time.

Some of these requirements can be met through participation in other campus activities; you can easily petition for substitution of event requirements. Many of these requirements are accompanied by a written reflection that must be submitted to complete that requirement.

There is no fee to participate in the Certificate program.


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Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5: Individualized Fellows Program

Upon completing the Certificate Program, you are eligible for the Fellows Program. This is an individualized and mentored leadership journey that you will help create and direct that will build on the leadership capacity developed in the certificate program, but is more specific to the type of leadership you desire to develop and demonstrate. It will include academic coursework, high-impact leadership co-curricular experiences and leadership competencies-based activities.