Stoddard and Elliott Halls

Scholar Leader Clusters

Each member of the Scholar Leader community is expected to participate within a working or project group, called a cluster, throughout the year. The students within the cluster serve as the driving forces to create opportunities, events, programs, or resources for the Scholar Leader Community. Some of the responsibilities are set for a few of the cluster areas (i.e. planning the WISE trip), but there's a lot of freedom to make major decisions of how, what, when, where, and why each opportunity, event, program, or resource happens within each cluster.

Each cluster will be advised either by a Returning Scholar Leader, the Resident Assistant, a Graduate Practicum student, OR the Graduate Resident Director. The role of the advisor is to provide guidance and to assist with general direction and collaboration within the Cluster. Every year, there's an opportunity to create new clusters and for select clusters to morph in structure and/or existence. Brief descriptions of each cluster area for 2018-2019 are below.

  • Winter Immersion & Service Experience (WISE) Trip - Helps coordinate all aspects of the four-day WISE trip (i.e. hotel arrangements, bus transportation, speakers, service experiences, trip learning goals and outcomes, discussion facilitation, etc.). This trip is a collaboration between the Scholar Leaders, the Office of Diversity Affairs, the Office of Commuity Engagement and Service, and students involved in Hillel at Miami. The 2018 WISE trip was January 24-27, 2018 in Washington, D.C.
    • Those interested in WISE will need to complete an application if ranked first or second!
  • Alumni and Leadership - Works to facilitate connections with Scholar Leader alumni. In the past, this has included coordinating an Alumni banquet. Particular focus should be geared towards professional development and engaging alumni in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Alumni cluster is expected to coordinate one event with current and alumni Scholar Leaders each month.
  • Community Service - Develops and implements various community service and volunteer programs for the Scholar Leaders. The Community Service cluster is expected to coordinate at least one service opportunity for the Scholar Leaders each month.
  • Programming - Creates and implements programming for the Scholar Leader Community (i.e. pop-up programs, social programs, etc.). The Programming Cluster is responsible for planning MU Smiles Day. The Programming cluster is expected to coordinate at least one program for the Scholar Leaders each month.
  • Coffeehouse - Coordinates informal "coffeehouse" type discussions of engaging speakers, showcasing their talents and experiences within the community(i.e. current Scholar Leaders). Coffehouses occur once a month during the academic year.
  • Public Relations - Develops and implements a comprehensive recruitment plan to recruit a qualified, diverse, and outstanding pool of future Scholar Leader applicants. Long-term focus and sustainability are a part of this Cluster to ensure familiarity with the community across campus.
  • Ohana - Creates initiatives and programming that continues momentum and intrinsic motivation so participants are engaged and feel a continual sense of community. Past programs included monthly community birthdays, kudos bags, and general wellness of individuals.
  • Selection - Develops and implements an intentional approach to selecting the future Scholar Leaders (i.e. creating the Scholar Leader application, interview activities, selection process).