EDL 290

Three or four sections of EDL 290: The Nature of Group Leadership is offered specifically for students in the Scholar Leader Community*. This is a 2-credit, graded, discussion-based course that focuses on topics of identity, teamwork, values, power, privilege, and social justice. Scholar Leaders who take EDL 290 will:

  • Increase their level of self-knowledge and understanding through participation in active reflection and dialogue.
  • Understand how personal capacities for leadership shape and are shaped by the communities in which they engage.
  • Learn how systems of privilege, power, and difference impact leadership.
  • Create a personal approach to transformative leadership: modeling transformative leadership and creating and sustaining positive change within themselves and their communities.

To learn more about the Scholar Leader-specific sections of EDL 290, please email Courtney Wallace, Leadership Programs Coordinator of the Wilks Leadership Institute, at Wallacc5@MiamiOH.edu.

*Please note: There are a variety of EDL 290 courses offered for different audiences at Miami University. There are open sections for any student to take, sections for students in a fraternity/sorority, and sections for leaders of student organizations. These courses all vary slightly based on intended audience.