Character and Responsibility

Sunday, March 4th - 1-4:30pm

Ethical leaders and organizations are grounded in values that guide the behavior of self and the organization. The Miami Code of Love and Honor is a statement that seeks to guide the behavior of both. What is the role of values, character, and responsibility in our personal leadership styles? This workshop will examine these ideas and provide space for personal reflection and help you:

  • Identify the relationship between integrity and responsible action;
  • Articulate key personal values and explain their significance;
  • Consider personal habits and values and how those play a role in day-to-day activities;
  • Weigh options and consider personal values in making key decisions regarding self and others.

character and responsibility november 12th 1-4:30pm ASC 1066

This workshop is offered once per year, usually during the fall semester. Please contact with questions about future Character and Responsibility workshops.