Job Description

The purpose of Peer Health Educators is to facilitate student learning and reflection on relevant health issues; encourage and assist students in making healthy lifestyle choices; serve as an information and resource referral; create awareness of health issues for individuals and the campus community at large; and contribute to the campus community in meaningful ways.

HAWKS Peer Health Education staff work out of the Office of Student Wellness located in the Health Service Center. Hours per week will vary depending on program schedules, awareness events, etc. A minimum of 2 to 4 hours per week is usually required. 

Specific position responsibilities include:

  1. Must be available to attend weekly Wednesday evening meetings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m beginning in August 2018.
  2. Participate in and contribute to staff training including successful completion of EDL 310 “College Student Development and Group Process for Peer Educators” in spring 2018. This course can be taken for one hour of academic credit.
  3. Keep regularly scheduled office hours in the Office of Student Wellness Resource Room (1 hour/week minimum) beginning in August 2018.
  4. Assist in and contribute to program development of specific topic areas including alcohol and other drug education; sexual health and decision making; nutrition and general health; mental health; men’s and women’s issues; and diversity and cultural awareness.
  5. Assist and contribute to program delivery in a variety of campus venues including:
    1. Presentations on specific topic areas
    2. Awareness week/month (advertising and information research)
    3. Discussion groups including AlcoholEdu follow up discussions
    4. Small group facilitation (such as Greek New Member Education)
  6. Assist in the administrative components of the program as assigned (e.g. serve as a liaison to specific community populations; distribute, collect and compile evaluation of programs; research and update existing program information; develop publicity and marketing strategies).

Applications for 2018-2019 positions are due Wednesday, February 21, 2018 to Leslie Haxby McNeill, (513-529-5047) or via the online application form

Contact us with questions in the Office of Student Wellness, 102 Health Service Center, (513-529-8544),