Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

An evidence based program, ASTP provides information about legal, low risk alcohol use and focuses on decision-making and responsible actions around alcohol use. Th program helps students determine what is low risk for them, making a plan for times alcohol may be a choice, and resources available on and off campus. 

Sex in the Basement

A popular sexual health program, especially with first year students, including a review of high-risk and low-risk sexual activities, how to put on a condom, an introduction to contraceptives and STIs, a discussion on the importance of consent and sexual assault, what may happen when sex and alcohol mix, and the safety of abstinence. Furthermore, students learn about valuable on- and off-campus sexual health resources.


Open discussion about a wide variety of topics geared to audience interest. Can you stump the Sexpert?

The Big 5 Ways to Protect Your Health

This comprehensive program details a variety of prevention topics including: 1) Be smart about sex; 2) Focus on food and fitness; 3) Check for cancer; 4) Have alcohol awareness; 5) Mind your mental health.

Friends Helping Friends

A psychological wellbeing program that addresses "at risk" mental health issues. "At risk" behaviors fall in between the typical mental health challenges that are a part of everyday college life and severe mental health psychological issues. The program will also help each student find ways to help themselves or a friend with such issues and review available resources.

Healthy Relationships

Help students celebrate their identity by establishing healthy, fulfilling relationships with partners, friends, and family. This program includes how to use effective communication to maintain healthy relationships and how to recognize warning signs of when a relationship should end.

Sophomore Slump

A student's second year in college is often termed "the period of developmental confusion." After the newness of their first year in college has worn off, students are faced with the reality of college. This program provides advice on how to beat the sophomore slump.

The Freshman 15

This program is geared towards first year students who are concerned with the common dilemma of the "Freshman 15" first year weight gain. This program presents healthy eating habits, basic nutrition, and ideas for incorporating physical activity into your day. This program will also present information on eating disorders and how to recognize when your friend has an eating disorder.

***HAWKS Peer Health Educators are always open to new ideas for programs!