Professional Development

ACE Women’s Network Ohio Annual Conference, Scholarships, and Awards

The ACE Women's Network Ohio (ACE WNO) is a network of women administrators, faculty, and staff from colleges and universities across the state that is dedicated to the professional advancement of women. Through institutional representatives (IRs), conferences, workshops, and other resources, ACE WNO is committed to improving the status of women on Ohio’s campuses and throughout higher education. In doing so, the organization supports the mission of the Inclusive Excellence Group and the American Council on Education.

Miami’s Institutional Representative to ACE WNO is: Dr. Tammy Schwartz, Director, Urban Leadership Cohort,, 529-0435

The ACE Women's Network Ohio Professional Development Scholarship supports participation at a conference or workshop, your memberships in a professional organization, and other opportunities that advance your professional development. The Scholarship can provide support of up to $750. Please find more information at Awards.

Find more information at ACE WNO.

Regional Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD)

The Higher Education Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) is a regional program for women faculty and staff.  Since 2004 several colleges and universities in the Greater Cincinnati area have partnered to offer this successful leadership and professional development initiative to women on their campuses.  The goal is to support and advance women in academic and administrative leadership positions at their home institutions.

The Institute consists of a series of monthly workshops during the academic year.  Planned by a steering team with representatives from each partner school, sessions consist of a speaker, group activities, refreshments and opportunities for networking and reflection.

Nominations and applications are solicited each spring for the following year’s cohort. Jane Goettsch (Women’s Center) and Cathy McVey (IT Services) serve as Miami’s representatives to the regional WILD steering committee. Let Jane ( or Cathy ( know if you’d like to be notified when the application process commences.

Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD)

In the Fall of 2011, the Provost’s Office announced the inaugural session of the Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD,) which provides professional development for both current and future Miami faculty and staff leaders.  After three successful years, the IMLD has undergone its first steering committee review and revision and is rolled back out for the fourth year in an educational and applied new format. The IMLD is designed to Improve leadership potential among both Miami faculty and staff through:

o   the development of new conceptual understandings of leadership and organizations

o   through a broader understanding of higher education as an enterprise

o   strengthened interpersonal skills

o   deeper self-awareness

The ultimate aim of the IMLD is to ensure future leadership capable of moving Miami into a vastly changing and exciting educational landscape. Learn more about the IMLD program and how to apply.