Miami 2020 Plan

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

UCM Contributions to Foundational Goal 3

UCM 4: University objective that most (but not exclusively) supports Foundational Goal 3: Partnerships

Increase positive local, state, national, and international visibility through marketing and promotion of Miami partnerships that strengthen communities, connecting university leaders with opportunities in Greater Cincinnati.  Also related to this objective is to  minimize the impact of negative or crisis situations through transparent, responsive, and immediate communications.

UCM Strategies

  • Include state major markets for Spring campaign promotion, utilizing multiple formats to complement mass mediums.
  • Send regular tweets to update OBOR and Cincinnati USA partners about key Miami programs, utilizing social media strategically at the state level.
  • Convert news site (and on homepage) to a twitter 140-character headline that enables stories to be shared instantly.
  • Partnerships: expand chambers partnerships, sponsorship of diversity initiatives, the Economic Partnerships program in Cincinnati, providing speakers and experts for such efforts, and bringing top leaders to campus for interaction with faculty and campus leaders.
  • Profile students during federal and state legislative programs, targeting their hometowns as well as area media.
  • Attend and provide Miamian at Cincinnati Alumni Chapter Quarterly Networking Breakfasts.
  • Re-design the News website to encourage more multimedia (at least half of all stories should have multimedia format).
  • Test a weekly student communication (“Weekly 140”) where news items are delivered in 140 characters or less to make information more appealing to students.
  • Complete a social media issues/incident response plan to enable a more immediate response in urgent situations; move to an opt out plan for receiving alerts to promote higher levels of safety in the event of an emergency; continue an annual review of and updates to the crisis communications plan; consider training at FEMA headquarters for communications staff; encourage broader participation in campus-wide incident training.
  • Finalize a social media and web policy for MUPIM.
  • Ensure comprehensive crisis plans are pulled together in one resource and shared with deans and campus communicators.
  • Re-design Miamian magazine and expand distribution to all alumni, and add a special issue to parents of new students, welcoming them to the “family.” Survey alumni to determine effectiveness of new design.
  • Develop city-specific websites for each market of the Spring Ohio's Public Ivy campaign that showcase students, alumni and talent at Miami who are from those markets (and, as a result, create an additional form of measuring the success of the campaign in those markets).
Objective 1: Partner with educational and other public-and private-sector institutions to co-design academic and outreach programs that enhance access to and support of quality higher education.


  • Partner with advancement, institutional relations, career services, research & scholarship, the regional campuses and others to increase outreach programs and participation (such as the Life Sciences Collaborative, the University Roundtable) that showcase our students’ practical experience and global job readiness skills.
  • Publicize the university's public and private sector partnerships and successes in support of other campus units.
Objective 2: Increase lifelong learning opportunities, engagement, and giving from alumni, parents, and friends.


  • Assist Advancement in identifying alumni 10-plus years out from graduation and friends of the university in community and corporate leadership positions throughout Cincinnati to highlight and profile them, and connect them with potential campus partners.
  • Re-design Miamian to be a more engaging connection resource, disseminated to ALL alumni, and survey to determine its effectiveness.
  • Create multimedia promotional materials for programs such as Winter College, Alumni Weekend, webinars and other alumni and development efforts, in partnership with Advancement communications.
  • Include donor and alumni highlights in a newly re-design Miamian magazine, with dedicated space allocated in each issue for Advancement donor initiatives, and disseminate it to all alumni, with one issue each year welcoming parents as members of the "Miami family."
Objective 3: Grow Miami's sponsored research, grants, intellectual property, internships, and co-curricular learning opportunities by helping corporate, governmental, and non-profit entities thrive through solutions-oriented partnerships


  • Increase internship and co-curricular learning experiences in our own area to 10 students per year, and, as per action plan, publicize, pitch and market IP, grants, FYRE and partnerships in collaboration with OIR.
Objective 4: Advance Ohio's economic development and prosperity by providing talent and expertise that helps shape policy and improves quality of life.


  • Help retain Miami graduates in Ohio through promotional support of the Career Services Office for four regional career fairs based on the Cincinnati-USA Partnership industry clusters to be held throughout the Cincinnati region.
  • Develop a database of experts for the Miami website, help match faculty experts as sources for economic stories in the media, and develop our own stories and profiles to promote via social media, the web and news.