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Emma Training Videos

How to format your text

In this video, we'll tour the options in the text editing toolbar:

  • Do standard things like bold, make a list, indent or align your text
  • Quickly mark headlines and subheadlines to create a consistent look
  • Choose a web safe font and assign a font size
  • Set text color and background text color
  • Unformat your text to start fresh
  • Adjust the spacing between lines of text
  • Create a link
  • Spellcheck
  • Insert an anchor, a personalization tag, a dividing line or special character

Selecting a template

Building your own layout

Previewing for mobile

In this video, we'll cover the ins and outs of Mobile Preview, which lets you see how your mailing will display on computers and mobile devices. Responsive, mobile-optimized templates (like the ones in Emma's template gallery) will rearrange your content automatically.
FYI: the Miami branded shared template is based on one of Emma's responsive, mobile-optimtized templates

Making design changes and sending a test email

Sending your email