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Logo (Beveled-M) - FAQ

When can I start using the beveled-M logo?
Downloadable logos are now available at under the resources section. University Communications and Marketing will be preparing a full suite of logos for academic divisions, which will also be available for download soon, on the same site.

What does this mean for all of my existing materials with the lantern on them?
These materials can still be used if the information is current until the supply is gone. The lantern logo should “fade” out. Do not immediately reprint materials, but rather, print on an as-needed basis. If you can wait until the new URL is active (August 1), that will be the best alternative.

Can I still use the lantern if I want to?
No. The lantern logo is officially being replaced by the beveled-M logo as the primary logo for the University as a whole, including Athletics.

What about the RedHawk logo?
The RedHawk logo will remain our secondary athletics mark. It should only be used with ICA’s approval, and a style guide for its use is also being prepared.

Can I use my department or division name with the Miami University logo?
Yes. In fact, moving forward, that combination will be considered your area's official logo; independently designed logos and marks will no longer be permitted. We are developing comprehensive guidelines that show how to incorporate specific area names with the primary logo in vertical and horizontal formats, allowing for additional flexibility of use that can work with various custom layouts and designs.

What if the beveled-M logo does not work with a design or specific item, or is too long with a department name to work with a design?
You have the option of strictly using the official word-type (wordmark) without the beveled-M as outlined in the forthcoming guidelines. You will also have the option of separating the beveled-M (following correct usage standards) and Miami name from a department or division name on the front of a publication (as long as the correct university font is used) to enhance certain layouts or emphasize an area name.

Why are we switching to the beveled-M logo as our primary logo?
With our continued efforts to increase our recognition and reputation nationally, we not only surveyed campus constituents, but also the important audiences of prospective students, their parents, and guidance counselors. Overwhelmingly, the beveled-M was chosen as more identifiable. It also brings more recognition to individual departments and divisions due to it being the most recognizable Miami mark.

Can I create my own logo as long as I also use the beveled-M?
University offices, departments and areas can no longer use independently created logos, with rare exception (as approved by the university's Brand Identity/Logo Review committee), and should begin to phase them out immediately.

The university is striving to be more competitive, prominent, and cohesive in its visual representation to all of its audiences. Independent logos compete with the university identity and create confusion in the minds of our audiences, whereas visual identity used consistently over time enhances image, creates instant recognition, higher recall, and quite literally increases the value of our identity over time. The cost to support any organizational identity in any industry is very high, so at Miami it is even more important that we coordinate staff and monetary resources behind a unified mark rather than expend those scarce resources managing separate identities. Replacing many logos that only a small number of audiences recognize with one campus logo that research indicates is widely recognized is a far more effective use of our funds and leverages every marketing dollar to support our core identity.

There are many examples from national peers and competitors who have already established the unified logo standard for these very reasons. For a broader context, see the following links:

Am I allowed to customize material for my area?
Yes. Creating a distinctive “look” through design themes, photography, and layout, rather than using a separate logo, is allowed. Examples of ways to do this will be provided in the standards manual. UCM and the IT Print Center, which works closely with UCM in utilizing appropriate standards, can assist you. If either UCM or the IT Print Center is designing your publication, you won’t need to worry about whether a usage or design is appropriate. If you are using an external designer or designing on your own, you will need to have approval from UCM before going to print to ensure correct usage, and we encourage you to build time into your process for review.

How do I get my publication or material printed or approved?
All print material, especially those items intended for off-campus audiences beyond faculty, staff and current students, must be approved by UCM, which will provide approval as quickly as possible. Please allow time in the process of developing your pieces to consult with UCM to avoid last minute delays based on inappropriate usage, typos, or grammatical errors (which we will strive to help you avoid), and let us know if there is a question along the way. UCM can also provide design and photography at no cost for externally oriented pieces, or recommend vendors familiar with university style if our workload won’t enable us to meet your deadline. More information will be made available at

What about student clubs and organizations, special events, and food outlets?
If they use an official beveled-M logo version, yes, they must follow standards. However, UCM has already provided guidance for organizations/clubs, and not all group or event material requires an official logo. Some special events hosted by student groups, for example, may use “at Miami University” on t-shirts or other promotional items instead of the beveled-M logo. Groups that are not official units/departments of Miami are not required to use the logo. Also, posters or flyers used and intended only for on-campus promotion do not need to use an official logo. Campus food outlets can create themes independently and are not required to use an M logo.

When can I obtain the new logos and other information?
The goal is for comprehensive campus identification standards and marks to be available in August, with downloadable university and division logos as well. You will be able to download these at, where you will also find other resources such as PowerPoint templates, the style guide, other useful links, contact information, and more.

West Chester
  • Luxembourg

    John E. Dolibois European Center, Luxembourg

    One of Miami's oldest continuous study abroad programs, the Miami University John E. Dolibois Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg offers students the opportunity to enroll in Miami classes taught by European-based and Ohio-based Miami faculty. Students enjoy a unique combination of first-class academics, engagement in the local community, and various faculty-guided and independent travel opportunities.

    Contact and emergency information for the Luxembourg Campus. Starting with general contact info on the left; additional contact and emergency information on the right.

    Château de Differdange
    1, Impasse du Château
    L-4524 Differdange
    Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    217-222 MacMillan Hall
    531 E. Spring Street
    Oxford, Ohio 45056, USA


    Main Operator: 011-352-582222-1
    Oxford-based Coordinator: 513-529-5050
    Emergency info:

  • West Chester
    West Chester

    Voice of America Learning Center

    Located midway between Cincinnati and Dayton along I-75, the Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC) offers undergraduate and graduate courses and programs drawn from Miami's Regional and Oxford campuses. Home to Miami's MBA program, the Learning Center provides ready access to graduate programs for area educators and courses leading to the BIS degree for undergraduates.

    Contact and emergency information for the Voice of America Campus. Starting with general contact info on the left; additional contact and emergency information on the right.

    7847 VOA Park Dr.
    (Corner of VOA Park Dr. and Cox Rd.)
    West Chester, OH 45069

    Printable Floor Plan

    Main Operator: 513-895-8862
    (From Middletown) 513-217-8862
    Emergency info:

  • Middletown

    Middletown Regional Campus

    Nestled on 141 acres near I-75, Miami University Middletown offers bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and beginning coursework for most four-year degrees. Nearby Greentree Health Science Academy immerses Miami's nursing and health information technology students in the health care experience while taking classes.

    Contact and emergency information for the Middletown Campus. Starting with general contact info on the left; additional contact and emergency information on the right.

     4200 N. University Blvd.
    Middletown, OH 45042

    Printable Campus Map

    Main Operator: 513-727-3200
    (Toll-free) 1-86-MIAMI-MID
    Office of Admission: 513-727-3216
    Campus Status Line: 513-727-3477
    Emergency info:

  • Hamilton

    Hamilton Regional Campus

    A compact, friendly, commuter campus, Miami Hamilton offers bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and beginning coursework for most four-year degrees. Small class sizes, on-site child care, and flexible scheduling make Miami Hamilton attractive to students at all stages of life and career.

    Contact and emergency information for the Hamilton Campus. Starting with general contact info on the left; additional contact and emergency information on the right.

    1601 University Blvd.
    Hamilton, OH 45011

    Printable Campus Map

    Main Operator: 513-785-3000
    Office of Admission: 513-785-3111
    Campus Status Line: 513-785-3077
    Emergency info:

  • Oxford

    Miami University, Oxford Ohio

    Nationally recognized as one of the most outstanding undergraduate institutions, Miami University is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio. With a student body of 16,000, Miami effectively combines a wide range of strong academic programs with faculty who love to teach and the personal attention ordinarily found only at much smaller institutions.

    Contact and emergency information for the Oxford Campus. Starting with general contact info on the left; additional contact and emergency information on the right.

    501 E. High St.
    Oxford, OH 45056

    Printable Campus Map

    Main Operator: 513-529-1809
    Office of Admission: 513-529-2531
    Vine Hotline: 513-529-6400
    Emergency info: