About Licensing

Licensing GroupAny commercial use of Miami’s name or trademarks requires advanced permission from the university via a contract or trademark license agreement. Once approved, the business or person requesting permission becomes a "licensee" and the individual products (or services) become "licensed products" (or "licensed services"). 

Licensing Resource GroupMiami University has contracted with the Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) to help manage the University's trademark and licensing program. LLP helps to administer the application process, collect royalties, assist with artwork approvals, and provide guidance with enforcement. LLP's website has more information about collegiate licensing to further assist a potential licensee.

Prior to the production of any merchandise containing Miami University marks, licensees must submit to the Miami University Manager of University Trademarks and Licensing for approval, a copy of any and all artwork to be used on the product. Artwork approval by the Manager of University Trademarks and Licensing or her designee is required for each new design or application produced, regardless of who orders it. This includes merchandise ordered by university departments and student groups/organizations, and is in addition to any approval that is required by the individual orderer.

The requirement for artwork approval is to ensure that the marks of the university are correctly presented, and do not reflect unfavorably on the university in the context which they will be used. The university will attempt to provide as much design latitude as possible keeping in mind the intended consumers; however designs for events that promote alcoholic beverages or drinking will not be approved. All designs submitted are held in confidence, and are not shared with nor made available to other licensees, retailers, or university departments for copying.