Frequently Asked Questions

What are the official school colors for Miami University?

The official school colors are red and white. For Miami Red, use PANTONE 186.

What qualifies as a trademark, logo or symbol?

Any mark, name, logo, symbol, nickname, abbreviation, word, mascot, slogan, insignia uniform, or landmark that is associated with Miami University and is distinguished from any other university, team, or organization.

What are Miami’s trademarks?

A Miami trademark is any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be associated with Miami University and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities.

Miami has both graphical trademarks and verbiage that are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The graphical trademarks are those that are commonly called “logos” and include the “Beveled-M,” “Miami RedHawks with Hawk Head,” and “Hawk Head,” among others. Also trademarked are the president's or official university seal.

Verbiage that is registered includes “Miami,” “Miami University,” “Miami University RedHawks,” “Miami RedHawks,” “RedHawks,” and “Love and Honor.”

Who must be licensed?

Any person, organization, or business that wishes to use Miami's name, logos, marks, indicia or verbiage on any product, video, advertisements, or for any other commercial purpose must have a license prior to production and distribution. This includes businesses that sell to university departments, campus organizations, and student organizations that use the product for fundraising and charity. Manufacturers of products bearing Miami marks are required to pay a royalty on the wholesale price of the product. For multiple forms of license available with Miami University, see Obtaining a License.

Miami University trademark use in the traditional news media treated as news is not subject to licensing fees.

How long does it take to obtain approval from LLP?

A decision on any license request will depend on the nature and extent of the use being applied for, the number of trademarks involved, the number and diversity of products for which the trademark or trademarks will be used, and other possible factors, such as whether the university believes there is a need to seek legal advice on the application. However, in most cases, an answer will be provided in 30 days or less.

How can you obtain a licensing application?

See Obtaining a License. You can download an application for a License Agreement directly from Learfield Licensing Partners (License Application). They can also be contacted at: Learfield Licensing Partners, 8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 605, Indianapolis, IN 46240; Telephone: 317-669-0808; Fax: 317-669-0810

Do I have to submit art for approval?

Yes, always. Students organizations/club sports, university departments, and intercollegiate athletics must submit artwork for approval, along with their licensed vendor information, see Obtaining a License.

Licensees will submit artwork through LLP’s platform, Trademarx.

How much does it cost to become licensed?

Prospective licensees must pay an application fee ($150–$300 depending on the license), and an advance royalty payment between $100 and $250 when the agreement is signed. Miami receives a royalty fee based on the wholesale value of every product sold under the standard commercial and in-state license, which is paid by the licensee quarterly. A yearly renewal fee is also required of those licensees which are renewed.

How does Miami University ensure products are manufactured in an approved facility?

Miami University adopted a Code of Conduct designed to ensure that products bearing the marks of the university are produced under healthy, safe, and fair working conditions. As a means of implementing the code and of ensuring, to the degree possible, compliance with the workplace standards that are part of that code, the university has affiliated with the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC). This code summarizes the requirements of the WRC Code of Conduct, which clearly details monitoring, enforcement, and inspection requirements.

I would like to sell items with Miami logos on them at a craft fair. How do I go about doing that?

The Crafter Licensing Program is a great program that allows for independent artisans to participate in Miami University’s licensing program by legally producing product adorned with Miami trademarks and names. This license is ideal for fans and alumni who are interested in producing small quantities of merchandise for craft fairs and online marketplaces instead of at retail stores.

Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with Miami University that grants permissions to individuals to produce and sell licensed product displaying the Miami University indicia.

All individuals must obtain approval prior to using any of Miami University's trademarks and names on any product. Miami University is the sole owner of all trademarks, names, and logos in reference to the university, and therefore, has the right to grant permission as well as protect and enforce the use of its marks.

For more information on this program and submitting an application, see Obtaining a License.

Why do I have to use a licensed vendor to print my student organization's t-shirts or promotional items?

T-shirts and other products used for fund raising, charity, and resale are considered "commercial use" and require the collection of royalties from vendors who have a license agreement with Miami. Permission is granted to student organizations to use trademarks from a licensed vendor after the organization has received prior approval from trademark licensing, see Obtaining a License.

How are the trademark licensing royalties used?

Royalties generated from the commercial use of Miami’s marks support student scholarships for Miami students, as well as athletic scholarships for student-athletes, less the actual administrative expenses of running the trademark licensing program.

The administrative expenses include maintaining the legal requirements of trademark registration, addressing product infringement, supporting the Workers Rights Consortium efforts to provide better working conditions in factories that produce licensed products, and maintaining the Trademarks and Licensing Office.

I want to have a graduation or wedding cake decorated with a Miami University logo. Do I need permission?

Yes, permission to have a cake decorated is as easy as emailing the Manager of University Trademarks and Licensing ( with the name of the purchaser, the bakery and its address, and the recipient and simply asking for permission.

What is Love and Honor all about?

Love and Honor is a part of the Miami University Fight Song. It has unofficially been adopted as a theme for the university both internally and externally. Simply put, it's all about showing love for the university, and it is quite an honor to be affiliated with this great school.

Miami Fight Song Lyrics—Love and honor to Miami, Our college old and grand, Proudly we shall ever hail thee, Over all the land, Alma mater now we praise thee, Sing joyfully this lay, Love and honor to Miami, Forever and a day.