Licensed Vendors

Only vendors who are licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners may reproduce items bearing the university name, logo(s), and other trademarks and indicia. This applies to t-shirts and other merchandise made for on-campus use (for use by university departments and campus/student organizations) and for third parties. Licensed vendors have been vetted for product quality and have sufficient product liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 in the event of a defect. In addition, all licensed vendors are required to comply with fair labor codes.

Licensee/Vendor Information

For a complete listing of Miami University's licensed vendors, please contact the Trademarks & Licensing Office at or 513-529-8332.

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Promotional Vendors 

Promotional vendors are licensed soley for internal campus use by departments, student organizations, and club sports teams. These vendors provide a wide array of products.  If you are unable to find a vendor who can produce the product the product that you need, please contact the Trademarks and Licensing Department.

List of Miami-approved promotional vendors
Vendor Contact Phone Email
4imprint, Inc. Kristin Hilla 877-446-7746 
Alpha Promotions, Inc. Lisa Friedman 513-755-7222 
Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company N/A 734-274-2659 
Apex Imprinted Sportswear Paul Elliott 513-677-0700 
Associated Premium Corporation Lori Heiney 513-679-4444 ext. 116 
B Unlimited Inc. Ben Clark 479-582-1515 
Besco Awards Elgin Southgate 847-395-4862 
Boathouse Sports, LTD Anne Millar 800-875-1883 ext. 195 
Brennan Eberly Team Sports, Inc. Nick Eberly 419-467-4812 
BSN Sports, LLC Jeff Loke 972-484-9484 
Business Impact Group, LLC Andy Long 952-278-7800 
Campus Marketing Specialists Michael Fruchter 503-542-8700 
Capitol Varsity Sports, Inc. Robert Fawley 513-523-4126 
Cintas Corporation Cara Helmes 513-754-3560 
Club Colors Buyer, LLC Lisa Hilgenberg 800-249-2582 
Consolidus, LLC Lindsey Pardi 330-835-6214 
CustomInk, LLC N/A 800-293-4232 
EAS Sportswear Ken Schlueter 513-988-1327 
Elk Promotions, Inc. Kathy Frank 614-846-8935 
Emory Group, LLC Michael Emory 864-595-3771 
General Advertising Products, Inc. Tim Klonne 513-346-3500 
Get Some Greek Naydia Mills 314-621-6806 ext. 1013 
Glass Graphics, Inc. Stu Dunlop 603-447-2091 
GNP Specialties, Inc. John Giordano 631-580-7023 
Graphic Cow Design & Screenprinting Jim Hendrix 864-843-8014 
Halo Branded Solutions Michael Jordan 815-632-6820 
Hat World, Inc. Mandy Graber 317-333-5143 
Holloway Sportswear, Inc. Susan Donaldson 937-497-7575 
Image Apparel Plus, LLC Todd Taylor 740-397-5900 
Imprint Promotions, INc. Ted Lockard 513-423-0243  
JC Asia Limited Tomek Barc 803-397-3257 
Jester Company, Inc. Debbie Lozo 336-545-1010 
Jostens, Inc. Joley Podein 507-455-6418 
Kotis Design, LLC Nicole Nelson 425-275-0500 
L Images David Lanier 248-399-8869 
LeBowski Tees & Design Jeremy Ritzie 513-523-8337 
Marketing Tools, Inc. Brett Youker 616-458-1260 
Munoz Brandz Glen Armstrong 513-744-4049 
Professional Image Apparel, Inc. Barry Hackett 513-985-2020 
PromoSpark, Inc. Tom Badger 513-844-2211 ext. 26 
Promoversity Carrie Cohan 877-737-7137 ext. 217 
Publicidentity, Inc. Licensing Team 323-266-1360 
School Pride, Ltd. Janet Brown 614-568-0697 
Terryberry Jane Auge' 859-240-1873 
University Tees Steve Kowalski 440-925-0407 
Varsity Spirit Fashions Cathy Ray 901-387-4300