Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Department of University Communications and Marketing at Miami University regulates the commercial use of the university’s name and all identifying marks, both on and off campus, to ensure the protection of Miami’s excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use. Campus departments, student organizations and external groups frequently purchase merchandise that use university symbols, logos, and marks. These items ranges from lapel pins, backpacks, and mugs, to types of clothing and even high-end merchandise for special occasions. Since each of these is an extension of the university’s image, and just as there are standards for print material, there are standards for items available for retail sale or for use by organizations.

Only campus departments and student organizations that are officially recognized by or are part of the university are allowed to use Miami logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their name, and in doing so, must have approval prior to use.

Miami products can be made only by licensees who are under contract with LLP, the university’s licensing agency. The licensing program through LLP protects Miami’s name and image and its critical to ensure the appropriate visibility of the university, and earned licensing fees benefit student scholarships. It is to a department’s or a group’s advantage to use licensees registered with LLP as they are most familiar with what is allowed, can save areas time, money, and effort due to the expertise, and can help expedite approvals and details. Miami licensees pay for the right to produce Miami items, so they carry appropriate liability insurance, know our policies concerning appropriate use of trademarks, can often create designs that will be approved, know whom to contact at Miami regarding questions and approvals, and take care of submitting royalties for scholarships.

Notice: As of March 1, 2016, departments, student organizations, and clubs no longer need to submit an Internal Request Form.  The University's licensed vendors will now submit all requests. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using a licensed vendor. If your vendor is not licensed, please contact Laura Driscoll, Manager of Trademarks & Licensing at