Moving and Renaming Assets

Unpublish Assets

Before you move or rename an asset (a page, widget, image, or document), you must make sure that it is unpublished. You can ensure that unpublishing happens automatically when renaming, moving, or deleting an asset by selecting the proper configuration in "My Settings."

  1. Click "My Settings" in the upper-right corner of the Cascade window.
  2. Select the "Un-publish on Move / Delete" checkbox (see below).

    Screenshot of the Configuration for unpublishing by default on Move/Delete in My Settings

Note: If an asset has been published, it must be unpublished before being renamed, moved, or deleted. (This removes the original copy from the server destination so it can no longer be accessed in your live website.) By following the steps listed above ONE TIME, you won't have to individually unpublish any assets.

To rename an asset

  1. Click on the folder name of the asset that you want to rename.
  2. Click on Move/Rename tab.
  3. Change the system name using the lower-case-no-space naming convention.
  4. Click Submit.

To move an asset

  1. Click on the folder name of the asset that you want to move.
  2. Click on Move/Rename tab.
  3. Click on the Parent Folder link and browse to find the folder under which you want to move your page.
  4. Click Submit.

Screenshot of move/rename tab with System name and new location path highlighted


If you change the name of an asset (a page, image, widget, or document), you will need to republish any pages from which your asset is linked. Cascade will automatically update the name change anywhere it is found, but the pages where the asset is used, have to be published in order for the changes to be viewed in the live site.

Note: After you have moved or renamed any page that is displayed in the navigation, you will need to re-publish all the pages in the parent [top-level] folder in order for the changes to be visible in the TEST or LIVE site navigation menu.