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Logging into Cascade Server

Logging into the Cascade Server CMS allows an editor to view, create, and manage existing assets and pages.


Cascade Server offers full support for most major browsers, including Firefox 4+, Safari 3+, and Chrome.

Note: While Cascade Server supports all browsers above, Firefox is recommended for optimal image editing capabilities.

  1. Open a supported web browser.
  2. Access via the URL text field.
  3. Enter your Miami Unique ID and Password.
  4. Click the "Login" button.
    Note: Logging in using credentials other than your own is prohibited, and violation is subject to account removal.

main miami login page where you enter your Miami unique ID and password to gain access to our site

Note: Although most screens display inline, make sure to turn off any popup blockers for this site.

Note: JavaScript is required in order to work within the CMS.

To log into the old instance of Cascade, visit