Design Standards Guide

Pages for colleges, schools, departments, units, etc. should use official colors, fonts, and styles to maintain consistency with the Miami homepage.

All Miami websites are expected to follow design standards for the elements below:

  • Colors
    The official University colors are red (PMS 186) and white.
  • Fonts
    Georgia is used for headings; Helvetica is used for body copy.
  • Styles

Logo Usage

The Miami University logo should be included in the header on every page of every site. It should be above any other wordmark, imagetype, or logo on the page. The version and placement of the logo must conform with the Identification Standards Manual and Branding Guidelines (see link below).

Subsite Wordmark Usage

Subsites of Miami University should include their wordmark below the Miami University logo. Miami wordmarks use the Bembo small caps font for division names and the Bembo italic or Gotham fonts for naming departments, offices, organizations, programs etc.

Footer Elements

All official University sites should include in the footer (at the bottom of each page), the following information when possible: Privacy Statement, Right to Know, Accessibility needs, Report a Problem, Copywrite Information, Employment, and A-Z Index links. The footer should also include the site's contact information.

For a comprehensive guide to Miami standards and branding, see Miami's Identification Standards Manual and Branding Guidelines (PDF 4.5MB).