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Cascade Training and Workshops

Summer Schedule

Thursday 9:30am-11:30am in 008 Benton

May 19 | Open Lab
June 2 | Open Lab
June 16 | Open Lab
June 30 | Open Lab
July 14 | Open Lab
July 28 | Open Lab
Aug 11 | Open Lab
Aug 25 | Open Lab

As units around campus migrate into the new content management system (Cascade Server), University Communication's Web Team is holding ongoing workshops for web editors to come get the training and assistance needed to maintain a successful website.


Workshops are very informal and cover a wide range of topics.

New User Training

This training is intended for users whose sites are already in the Cascade Server CMS. Your unit will be directly invited to attend initial training. We will cover Cascade navigation, creating and editing a new page, and publishing. New User training will be by appointment only. If you need new user training, please contact Shelli Minton.

Widget Training

Widgets are the modular pieces of content that can be added to pages to make them more robust and appealing. Widget Training will be offered online beginning May 23, 2016.
Prerequisite: New User Training

News Page Template

News Page Training is offered online. The News Page template is a Cascade template created for the special purpose of using the News database to store articles and have them show on a listing page using category filters. This can be used for news stories, newsletters, student and faculty spotlights, and even events and announcements. You can view an example at CCA News.
Prerequisite: New User Training

Open Lab

Open Lab is offered to all existing web editors so that you can come to work on your own or with a list of questions. A web team member will be available to assist you. This is a great way to block out time to work on your web site. We will be offering Open Labs on a bi-weekly basis throughout the summer.

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