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Cascade Training and Workshops

As units around campus migrate into the new content management system (Cascade Server), University Communication's Web Team is holding ongoing workshops for web editors to come get the training and assistance needed to maintain a successful website.

Training is offered every Wednesday for Fall 2015. 

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Workshops are very informal and cover a wide range of topics.
[ATTN: This training is intended for users whose sites are already in the system. Your unit will be directly invited to attend initial training.]

  • We will give users access to work in Cascade after they have attended the full training.
  • If you have been working in Cascade for a while and need help with some specific tasks, come with questions.
  • If you just need a quiet chunk of time to work on your website, come join us.
  • If you have an older site outside of Cascade that you need assistance with, we may be able to help with that, too, depending on your needs.
  • Some weeks we will offer specialized training on Cascade News Pages.

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