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Unclassified Personnel Advisory Council (UPAC)

Networking Event

The Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC) will hold a networking and learning session at the Hamilton campus at noon on Wednesday, November 14.

The event features a Nursing Simulation Lab Demo. Healthcare simulation mannequins help in training healthcare professions for a variety of situations. Simulation mannequins help nursing students gain hands-on experience in a low-risk setting.

Join us for a brown bag lunch and then meet the mannequins, including Lucina, who simulates childbirth!

List of Previous Speakers

Thank you for visiting the Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC) web page.

We encourage you to learn about UPAC and how this committee serves the unclassified staff at Miami University.

UPAC was created in 1983 to advise the University Administration (specifically the president and vice presidents) on matters of interest and concern to unclassified personnel.

Committee members are selected to reflect a balance of gender, race/ethnicity, campus, division, level in the organization, responsibilities, years of university service, and any other characteristics that help to achieve a balance of knowledge, experience, viewpoints, interests and talents. The committee does not represent specific constituencies, but advises on issues and questions raised by unclassified staff in general. Issues that have been discussed include: health insurance, salaries, child care, holiday scheduling, Recreation Sports Center fees, and grievance procedures.