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UPAC Networking Lunch Speakers

UPAC Networking Luncheons speakers 2012-2017 (to date)

For 2012-2013

September 2012 — Enrico Blasi, head hockey coach.

October 2012 — Deedie Dowdle, associate vice president for UCM, discussing logo change and domain name change.

November 2012 — Miami registrar Dave Sauter discussing new Winter Term.

January 2013 — Cassie Wilson and Dawn Fahner of benefits and wellness discussing various upcoming wellness programs.

February 2013 — New athletic director David Sayler.

March 2013 — Matthew Frericks, senior director for auxiliary planning & facilities, and discussion of current construction projects.

April 2013 — Lori Cramer, director of riding for Miami Equestrian and head coach of the equestrian team, showing the renovations of the horse stables and talking about the equestrian team’s successes.

For 2013-2014

September 2013 — Kelly Bennett, Miami’s social media specialist, discussing the many ways the university benefits from being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

October 2013 — Armstrong Student Center Director Katie Wilson shares details about the building.

November 2013 — Chef Eric Yung gives a tour of Maplestreet Station.

January 2014 — J. Peter Natale, chief information officer and vice president for information technology.

February 2014 — What is “I Am Miami” all about? Ron Scott, Miami’s associate vice president for Institutional Diversity, explains.

March 2014 — Tom Herbert, Miami’s vice president for University Advancement, shares how all Miami students, staff, and faculty advance Miami and its mission.

April 2014 — Cleve Wright, Miami’s head coach for Women’s Basketball.

For 2014-2015

September 2014 — Nancy Hunter Heidtman, senior director of dining and culinary support services, hosts a tour of the new Western Dining Commons.

October 2014 — Jim Reid, field manager of Miami’s 1,000 acres of natural areas, showcases Miami’s 1,000 natural acres and 17 miles of trails.

January 2015 — Martin Johnson, associate professor of history, dispels the myths associated with Abraham Lincoln and his iconic Gettysburg Address.

February 2015 — Matt Myers, dean of the Farmer School of Business.

April 2015 — Rebecca Baudry Young, co-chair of Miami’ Alcohol Task Force, discusses dealing with high-risk alcohol behavior.

For 2015-2016

September, 2015 — Scott Rouse, Miami chef, hosted a tour of Garden Commons.

October, 2015 — Tracy Hughes, senior director University Marketing, Digital & Creative Services, discusses ADA compliance.

November 2015 — joint UPAC/CPAC museum tour

January 2016 — A conversation with President David Hodge.

February 2016 — JP Natale, chief information officer and vice president for information technology.

March 2016 — Rose Marie Ward, professor of kinesiology and health, discusses “engaging students in and out of the classroom.”

April 2016 — Phyllis Callahan, provost and executive vice president of Academic Affairs, discusses successes of the past year and plans for 2016-17.

For 2016-2017

September 2016 — A Conversation with President Greg Crawford.

October 2016 — Robin Parker, general counsel, discusses and answers questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

November 2016 — David Creamer, senior vice president for finance and business services and treasurer, discusses this year’s successes and challenges, as well as future plans.

January 2017 — Cassie Wilson, assistant director of employee wellness, discusses opportunities for wellness and gives tips for success.

February 2017 — Joe Bazeley, chief information officer, discusses cyber security and what Miami does to protect online information.

March 2017 - David Sayler, Director of Atheletics discusses why athletics are important at Miami

April 2017 - Michael Kabbaz Vice President, Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success