Students walking to class

January 2016

Lean Initiatives News- Winter Term Lean Fair 2016

The Lean Initiatives Office is pleased to report that over 800 staff members attended the Winter Term Lean Fair held January 12th in the Armstrong Student Center. A special thanks is extended to Chris Pirigyi, HDRBS, who spearheaded this event. Additional thanks to all the many Lean Leaders who volunteered to present, staff booths, and serve as greeters for the event.

Congratulations to the following prize winners:
Connie Frizzell (HDRBS)- Love and Honor Travel Gnome; Ronda Strunk (HDRBS), Kate Renneke (HDRBS), Lisa Rogers (HDRBS) and Cheryl Chafin (Political Science)- $75 Direct to You Gift Certificates; Theresa Kihm (HDRBS) and Stellar Cen (Audit)- Hockey Tickets; John Thomin (HDRBS) and David Ellis (HDRBS)- Throw; Tracy Agee (HDRBS)- Rec Center 4 pack daily pass.

Summer Preventative Maintenance Project

Summer time on the Oxford campus is much quieter as many students are away on break. For Physical Facilities, summer is a perfect time to accomplish major repair projects in the residence halls as many buildings are empty or being used less frequently.

While summers for decades have been used to accomplish residence hall repair projects, there historically has not been good coordination between Physical Facilities and HDRBS in planning these projects. Maintenance and repair work was sometimes scheduled while guests were in buildings or had to be re-scheduled at the last minute to adjust for conference activities. And occasionally, maintenance work would be missed, only to be discovered by returning students and parents in the fall. Additionally, the final cleaning of a residence hall sometimes occurred in advance of the last maintenance or repairs in a room resulting in rooms not being thoroughly cleaned for returning students.

For these reasons the Summer Preventative Maintenance Project was jointly undertaken by a team comprised of representatives from both PFD and HDRBS. By partnering on the development of a summer schedule for preventative maintenance and repair work that accounts for when facilities are to be occupied, projects can be completed in less time and in the least disruptive manner for campus guests and summer conference events. The improved scheduling that has resulted from this project has made it easier for multi-disciplinary maintenance teams within PFD to plan their repairs enabling materials to be ordered in advance of the repair and delivered to the job site. This is lessening the need to order, find, and deliver parts to the site after the repair team arrives speeding up the project and enabling the teams to accomplish more projects in the same amount of time.

Overall, these changes are resulting in a more thorough repair of the residence hall buildings, a better student/summer guest experience, and over 700 fewer work orders at the beginning of the school year. Just as importantly, HDRBS now knows when residence hall work is scheduled to be completed and can more accurately schedule the final room cleanings leading to an improved experience when students and parents arrive during move-in.

A special thanks to all of the employees who participated in this project, which involved lots of teamwork, creativity, and innovation: Jeff Lohrey, Paul Saurber, Darren Lohrey, Jimmy Marcum, Lanny Abney, Mike Brandenburg, Wess Marcum, Dennis Robinson, Jesse Metcalfe, Bill Davis, Mike Bucheit, Dave Pepper, Phil Embs, Troy Goetz, Gary Moore, Jamie Reece, Jerry Fall, Terry Woedl, Steve Lake, Matt Schuster, Tim Davis, Scott Hammerle, Steve Schraub, Bobby Cisle, Luke Thacker, Steve Dingeldein, Jeese Horn, Dave Merriman, Larry Head, Isidro Carrero, Phil Bowling, Melissa Allen, Elaine Brandner, Matt Frericks, Stacy George, Steve Feck, Tim Mann.