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October 2016

Lean Fair- Save the Date

The next Lean Fair will be held on Wednesday, January 11th. There will be a morning and an afternoon session. Additional information will be made available in next month’s newsletter. If you have completed the Lean Certification program, please note that volunteering at the fair or in the preparations for the fair will complete your training CEU requirement for 2017.

Be sure to save the date!

Customer Service Standard Sales Tools

It is essential that when a major lean project, like the merger of the Marcum food service and Carillon Catering staffs into the consolidated Conference and Event Services (CES) is completed, that the new operation or process continues to be evaluated and improved. Led by Paula Green, the team of Susan Coleman, Kathy Crowley, Neila Hanges, Jessi Loxley, and Alicia Rizzo worked over the summer and fall semesters to assess and evaluate the new CES operation’s performance through the eyes of the customers of Carillon Catering (renamed Miami Catering), the Shriver Center, and the Marcum Hotel and Conference Center

One determination of the success of the new CES operation identified by the Lean team was how effective had CES been in using its planning software, Event Management System (EMS), to provide enhanced services to its customers. The Lean team conducted a Kaizen event and identified several ways that the EMS software could be used to improve customer satisfaction. Strategies such as newly devised notifications, messages, and reports, as well as improved office procedures, will make it easier and faster for CES to provide essential data to its service teams better enabling them to deliver smoother and more responsive services to CES clients.

The newly combined CES operation is also delivering improved service through greater standardization of the order process through the use of “Direct to You.” Consisting of a simple and convenient menu, approximately 75% of these Direct to You orders are now being handled by student workers. The order process, scripted from beginning to end and including email confirmations, has resulted in improved productivity and greater customer satisfaction. In addition, full time event planners now have time to process more complex orders with greater lead time, improving the planning and delivery of catering services and customer satisfaction.

Future service improvements through enhanced use of the EMS software are also being considered as technological improvements are helping to increase productivity and enhance customer service.

Certification News

Jen Herman from Enrollment Management & Student Success is our newest Certified Lean Leader. Jen completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations Jen!