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February 2017

Parking Services Website project

The Parking and Transportation Services and Housing Options, Meals, and Events (HOME) Offices recently undertook the very large and complicated task of updating the University's parking website by migrating the information on the previous site to the University’s approved content management system.  The previous site was based on a template no longer supported at the University and was written with a text editor that required knowledge of web programming languages.

The new website, now hosted within the University's content management system, ensures that branding and styles associated with the site will be maintained consistent with University Communications standards and requires no knowledge of programming languages, making it easier for more staff members to modify content in a timely manner.  Other results of the project include a better user experience, a website that meets all accessibility requirements, a small annual cost avoidance, and a 67% productivity improvement.  

This team was led by Captain Ben Spilman (MUPD) and Brian Woodruff (HDRBS) and included team members Tommy Jessie and Kenneth Garrett.   

Missing Person Kaizen

During a three day Kaizen event, team leader, Jen Wood, along with team members Terri Shannon, Ruchelle Dunwoody, Gabby Walsh, Bill Sparks, Lauren Kline, Khara Burke, Cheryl Chafin, Dean Smith, and Jackie Huff developed a missing person protocol for the Rec Sports department.  By the end of the Kaizen event, the team had developed a standard plan to be used for all of the programs held at the Rec Sports Center, Peffer Park, Sawyer Gym, and for Summer Camp trips.  The team used the nationally recognized Code Adam plan as well as the Goggin Missing Child Plan as references in preparing a protocol specific to the Rec Sports Program.  To complement the basic missing person procedures, a sweep procedure, an exit location and a securing procedure were developed.  The team also developed sample announcements for the reception staff to use in the event of a missing person report and designed a special form to document the incident. 

The plan was presented to the Miami University Police Department in the fall of 2016 and has been approved for use by all Rec Sports programs.  Since events such as a swim meet can include over 1,100 youth athletes plus parents, siblings and other visitors, a plan to handle missing persons is critical to the safety and success of the Rec Sports programs.

Overhead Distribution Process Improvement

Each quarter the Grants and Contracts office provides fiscal year to date totals of recovered facilities & administrative distributions (overhead) via email to the deans, account financial managers and some administrative assistants.

A Lean team was organized to evaluate and suggest improvements to this time consuming overhead distribution process.  The previous process involved numerous manual manipulations to generate a report that had not been improved in over 15 years.  Working closely with a Senior Application Developer, the program was updated and many of the manual processes eliminated.

The team also evaluated the distribution process used for the quarterly reports.  A Qualtrics survey was distributed to principle investigators, administrative assistants, departmental chairs and deans.   Based on the results, the team agreed that it would be more efficient for the reports to be published in MInE which eliminated the need to email individual reports.  As of 3rd quarter in the last fiscal year, these totals were being published in a spreadsheet in MInE for users to access.

The Overhead Distribution Process Improvement team was led by Cindy Green with team members Sarah Persinger, Linda Manley, Kathy Kihm, and Patricia Makaroff.

Certification News

On January 17th, three staff members completed the Project Presentation requirement for Senior Lean Leadership: Jerrad Harrison (EMSS), Hope Sweeney (Student Affairs), and Dawn White (EMSS). Each of these Lean Leaders is now one step closer to reaching certification.