Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Miami's Tuition Promise?

Note that the Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses have different fee structures. If you entered Miami's Regional campus for the first time during or after Fall 2018, you are assigned to a Miami Tuition Promise cohort. Fees for this cohort are set simultaneously for the Oxford and Regional campuses. Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses have different fee structures for each cohort. Thus, students will pay according to appropriate cohort rate at the campus in which they are registered.

2. How long does the Tuition Promise last?

For undergraduate First-Time Students, the four academic years of the Tuition Promise include eight consecutive semesters, four winter and four summer terms. The four-academic year period is guaranteed regardless of enrollment status (full- or part-time or not enrolled). Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees each academic year and guaranteed for eight consecutive semesters for each entering Cohort. Winter and summer terms are charged separately based on the guaranteed Cohort per-credit-hour rate.

3. Who qualifies for Miami's Tuition Promise?

Miami's Tuition Promise applies to undergraduate First-Time Students—both Ohio and non-Ohio resident first-year, transfer (see #22), or international students who enroll in a degree-seeking program on Miami’s Oxford or Regional campuses.

4. What is included in Miami's Tuition Promise?

The program covers Tuition (Instructional and General Fee), Room And Board (for Oxford students), Special Purpose Fees, and Course Fees. General Fees are charged to all students for non-instructional services and programs on campus, such as student life facilities, programs, and transportation. Special Purpose Fees help defray the cost of some specialized academic programs, and Course Fees may offset the cost of instructional materials and/or other costs used by the student in the course.

5. What costs are not included as part of Miami's Tuition Promise?

Other fees and charges incurred by students for items such as vehicle registration, textbook purchases or rentals, library and parking fees and fines, are excluded from the guarantee program and may be subject to price changes. Miami University will seek to limit increases to these costs.

6. What will Tuition be for Ohio residents and non-Ohio residents for under Miami's Tuition Promise?

Please visit for the most current information regarding tuition and fees.

7. How will this affect scholarships?

All Miami University four-year renewable scholarships will retain their full value with the Tuition Promise since both the cost and the scholarship amounts will stay the same for four years.

8. What if relocate from Miami's Regional campuses to the Oxford campus?

Relocating to (taking courses at) the Oxford campus will result in an increase of Tuition, Room and Board, Special Purpose Fees, and Course Fees (as applicable). If you entered Miami's Regional campus for the first time during or after Fall 2018, you are assigned to a Miami Tuition Promise cohort. Fees for this cohort are set simultaneously for the Oxford and Regional campuses. Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses have different fee structures for each cohort. Thus, you will pay the Oxford rate that was established for your cohort.

9. Are Room and Board included?

Yes. Room and Board fees are also fixed for each Cohort. Students pay a fee based on the housing and meal plan selected. If a student chooses a different residential or meal plan option after enrolling, the cost will be adjusted based on the rates set at the time of initial enrollment.

Academic Credits and Time Periods

10. How many hours can I take at the guaranteed tuition rate?

There is no limit to the number of credit hours in which a student can enroll under the Tuition Promise. This will provide the opportunity for more students to complete their degree early or, as is often the case at Miami, to enhance their educational preparation and qualifications by completing multiple majors, minors, internships and other experiences without worrying about extra associated costs.

11. Does Miami’s Tuition Promise include classes in the summer sessions or winter term?

Yes. For students who choose to enroll in winter and summer terms, those are separate, additional Tuition and Fee charges based on the guaranteed Cohort per-credit-hour rate.

12. What if I need more than four academic years to complete my degree?

Students who do not complete their undergraduate degree requirements within their Cohort period will automatically be placed into the Cohort that went into effect the year after their assigned Cohort (Cohort +1). The student will remain in that Cohort for up to one year and if still enrolled after that Cohort expires, will be placed into the next Cohort (Cohort +2) for the next year and so on until the student is no longer enrolled.

Students who for circumstances beyond their control cannot finish within their Cohort period may appeal to have their Tuition Promise Cohort rate extended. Circumstances include medical withdrawal, military service, and enrollment in an undergraduate degree program requiring more than 128 credit hours (or 124 credit hours, if applicable). If a student is unable to graduate on time due solely to a documented lack of course availability, the University will provide the necessary course or courses to the student tuition-free.

13. What if the first time I enroll is in the spring semester?

First-Time Students entering a degree program during a spring semester will pay the rate in effect for that academic year for eight consecutive semesters.

14. What is the tuition rate for First-Time Students who attend Miami for the first time during the summer or winter?

First-Time Students who first enroll at Miami University in the summer or winter will pay the continuing student tuition rate for that term, but will be assigned to the entering semester Cohort that immediately follows. By being assigned to the following semester Cohort, these students will receive the benefit of guaranteed tuition for their Cohort period after completing the initial term.

15. What if I am admitted to Miami, but defer or delay my enrollment for a year?

Students who defer or delay their start to a later fall term will pay the rate in effect for the academic year in which they enroll as a first-time student (first-time students are identified as a Cohort (group) based on the semester in which they first enroll as degree-seeking students); the rate will be in effect for eight consecutive semesters.

Other Costs

16. What about Special Fees and Course Fees ?

These rates will also be fixed for the Cohort period. The Farmer School of Business per-course-credit-hour fee, the per-semester fee for the College of Engineering and Computing, and eCampus fee will not change for the Cohort period.

17. Are textbooks included in Miami’s Tuition Promise?

No, textbooks are not included in Miami’s Tuition Promise.

18. Are there other expenses I should know about?

Optional expenses, such as study abroad fees, workshop fees, fines, and parking passes, are not included in Miami’s Tuition Promise.

Enrollment Status

19. Are Current/Returning Students eligible for the Tuition Promise?

No. With the increase seen at the start of the plan, the cost benefits only come into play over time.

20. What if I take classes in Oxford and on the Regional campuses?

Students will continue to be permitted to enroll in courses on both the Oxford and Regional campuses during the same academic term, and tuition for these courses will continue to be based on the student's primary campus. 

21. What if I begin as a Miami Regionals student and then switch to the Oxford campus?

If four academic years have not elapsed since they first enrolled, students relocating from a Regional Miami campus to the Oxford campus will be assigned to a Cohort based on the date they first enrolled on the Regional campus. If four or more academic years have elapsed, the relocating student is assigned to the oldest unexpired Cohort on the Oxford campus.

22. Are transfer students eligible to participate in Miami’s Tuition Promise?

Yes. All transfer students are eligible to participate in Miami’s Tuition Promise and will be assigned to the Cohort of the semester in which they enroll.

Students transferring from one of Ohio’s public community or technical colleges will be assigned to the lowest unexpired Cohort for the remainder of that Cohort. The Cohort will be designated based on the earliest date of enrollment as a full-time undergraduate student at the qualifying institution. 

23. What if I am a part-time degree-seeking student?

Students who enroll as part-time, degree-seeking undergraduates will pay a pro-rated per-credit rate based on Miami’s Tuition Promise rate. Students receive eight consecutive (fall/spring) semesters at the Tuition Promise rate whether they are enrolled part-time or full-time.

24. What if I am a non-degree-seeking student?

The Tuition Promise is not available to non-degree-seeking students. This includes conditionally admitted students such as students enrolled in the American Culture and English (ACE) Program or English Language Center (ELC), as well as exchange students and high school students participating in pre-enrollment or post-secondary option programs such as College Credit Plus or Advanced High School.

25. What if I need to withdraw from all my courses for a semester?

Students who officially withdraw from all of their Miami (fall/spring) semester courses can retain their original Cohort rate if they re-enroll the next semester; however, the semester does count as one of the eight consecutive semesters at that Miami’s Tuition Promise rate.

26. What if I need to take off one or more (fall or spring) semesters for any reason?

When the student re‐enrolls, if the Cohort period has not lapsed since the student’s initial degree-seeking enrollment, then the student can retain her or his original Cohort rate for the balance of the Cohort period. If four or more academic years have passed, then the re‐enrolling student is assigned to the oldest unexpired Cohort.

27. I'm an undergraduate international student. Does the Miami’s Tuition Promise apply to me?

Yes. First-time degree-seeking international students will benefit from Miami’s Tuition Promise. Miami’s Tuition Promise does not apply to students conditionally admitted through the American Culture and English (ACE) Program or English Language Center (ELC).

28. What if I start at Miami as a graduate student, rather than an undergraduate student?

Miami’s Tuition Promise is available only to undergraduate students.

29. I'm currently enrolled in high school but am taking Miami University courses. Does Miami’s Tuition Promise apply to me?

No. Miami’s Tuition Promise is available only to degree-seeking First-Time Students.

30. How does participation in study abroad affect someone paying the Tuition Promise rate?

Students studying abroad will retain their original Cohort tuition rate. However, the semesters in which you are enrolled in these programs count toward your eight-semester total.

Additional Questions on Miami's Tuition Promise

As a result of student requests, Ohio legislators made a four-year tuition guarantee program possible in 2013. Our Tuition Promise rate for the four years beginning fall of 2016 was calculated using a 0% increase for 2016–2017 and a 2% Tuition increase for 2017–2018, 2018–2019 and 2019–2020.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine listed Miami as one the "100 Best Values in Public Colleges" for 2014, ranking Miami 54th nationally. Miami has appeared on the list since it was first published in 1998.

The Princeton Review identified Miami University in its 2018 book, Colleges That Pay You Back: The 200 Best Value Colleges and What It Takes to Get In, a one-of-a-kind guide to the nation's academically best and most affordable colleges that also have excellent records of alumni employment.